But at this time,The look on his face is suddenly hysteresis,Double eyes flashing a shock color that cannot be concealed。

Not just him,Lingfeng and other guardians,Snow Flying Eagle and Rain Silver,It’s all over the eyes,Noodles。
The http://www.leimingmianzhichang.cn long sword of Wu Feng stopped in the air,Constant。
Sharp sword blade,It was even tightly held by one hand.,Down, flowing blood。
A slender figure,Single arm,Even the empty hand caught Wu Fengxun such as a sword of lightning。
Shock,Be a,Unconvident……Various thoughts flashed in everyone’s mind。
Fundamental is not as fine to observe http://www.szsftbwphnvffu.cn and think。
Because more incredible things happen。
Summer black hair dance,Blood jacket,Holding the right hand of the sword blade suddenly retreat。
It is still in an instant。
This three-foot Qingfeng actually inch。
At the same time,In the summer, the whip leg is like a broken ax.。
It’s like a sputum sound.,噼 啪 啪 不 于。
When the right leg of the right leg, I gathered a turbulence.,Turbulence is blowing in an instant
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Take a look,Just like a single leg shuttle in a distorted space。
A extremely rude crack flashed。
The sound of the single-legged shuttle is not sharp。
It is like a peerless beast that is scratching time and space.。
Wufeng is not too late to avoid flash,Fladder,His body is horizontally http://www.sshack.cn 360 degrees to rotate out of more than 20 meters away.。
And then hit the rough trunk of the edge of a bowl of mouth。
His big mouth vomiting blood,Screaming like the wild beast called。
At the same time, no matter how you stand up and get up.。
This moment,He is really scared.,Fear。
“Block,Give me a blocked him……”
See this scene,Wushou masters who have already hosted to go,I can’t take much, I can’t take much.,All-handed blade quickly。
“哧哧 哧哧。”
A sword is still like matters,More than a white dragon in the air,Interlaced in summer。

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