Deng Yun put his hand,Talk to people around you。

Deng Yun’s side,Other people noddlings,Come to him。
As Deng Yun put his plan,Others have grown up their eyes.。
“Still Deng University,Actually, even this kind of plan is thinking out.。”
“Of course,Let’s let everyone,Taught the child,I have long seen him is not pleasing.。”
This,Deng Yun’s side,Others are all angry with indignation.。
With these people,Deng Yun’s mouth is slightly rising,Bring a touch of affected smile。
These things,Deng Yun has also seen in the eyes。
For this matter,Deng Yun’s heart,How can it be unclear??
so now,Deng Yun’s eyes flashed out a touch of color。
“Shen Xuan,Are you not very powerful?,This time,I will let you lose your name.。”
As long as Shen Xuan’s reputation is affected,Then,Guten Group will re-vote。
In this case,Who is the chairman of the Haitai Group?,Still not good。
Deng Yun felt,His plan is a simple lady seamless,Perfect to impeccable。
Start now,I did this.,By the time,Shen Xuan is still no dinus?
So careful,Deng Yun smiled。
“Then I am here.,Waiting for a good time。”
Chapter 43, Little Brother,I beg you to help me
The next morning,Shenxuan activities activities。
I don’t know if it is because I have a bit of exercise last night.,Now Shen Xuan is still not adaptive。
But now,Shen Xuan wants to go out to active activities。 Looking at Dingmei, still sleeping,Shen Xuan came to her,Gent kiss against her cheeks,Then pick it up from it。
As for Dingme’s safety,Shen Xuan doesn’t need to worry。
If you can,Shen Xuan intends to go to the Halloya Group to see。
“but,The Halloya Group should now have not to work yet.,In Su Hang University, it will turn it anymore.。”
Shen Xuan is dark,Being aim。
But didn’t have long,Shenxuan’s face,A girl in a possession,Wearing a miniskirt,Quick stepped to Shen Xuan。
“Little brother,please,Help。”
what’s the situation?
Looking at this woman Chu Chu poor look,Shenxuan’s heart,It is inevitable that some doubts。
“do we know each other?”
This road is coming out of a woman.,I found Shen Xuan。
at this point,Situation is not right。
But the woman said:“I am a student of Suzhou University.,My name is Sun Cui。”
Su Hang University’s student?
Look,Be unlikely。
Woman looks beautiful although it looks beautiful after makeup,But in Shen Xuan looks,This look,A little more,You can go to the rhythm of work at night.。

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