“Owner,This is much better.,However, we only know that there is a maximum role.,That is refining Tan medicine。”Tiaoba humane:“The fire of Xuanhuang is the best flame of this world.!”

“good,Many alchemy masters want this flame refining Dan medicine,How much absorption is the owner?,Take out to sell money,Absolutely an unimaginable wealth。”Strong people also:“Of course there are many other roles,Just don’t know。”
“it is good,I will inject these flames into the depths of the mixed loop.。”Lin Feng immediately swallowed these flames,Soon the blend of flowers to rush into the sky。
These liquid flames are illustrative of liquid mysterious fire。
“Really miracle!”
The robbery and the people of the past,Nima,People are more popular,Is there such an abilities??
At least two of http://www.dealex.cnthe Dragon’s big people have never heard of such things,It seems that Lin Feng should be destined to become a great figure that subverts the god.。
We immediately swallow these flames in Lin Feng crazy,Continuous injection of the mixed day,Go all the way to the depths of the sea,Sure enough, the sea is the same as the Buddha.。
A cool breath,Everywhere,There are some liquids in the depression,These liquid crystal clear,It is like dew,Each place in the local circle。
“A lot of ten-party clean water!”Lin Feng looked at these ten parties clean water slightly surprised,When he accepts that task,Experience the breath of 10,There are a few departments in front of you.。
Just when Lin Feng sent a sound,That’s a few low in the depression,Horrible snoring。
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Chapter 1433 Antide
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A stunning breath rises,There are more than a dozen breath,Every atmosphere does not lose to the Dani level,Even more terrible。( )
There are still more than a dozen frog people.,http://www.yangfanlawyer.cn Everyone is staring in Lin Feng。
“This is a evil frog!”
Tiaoba people recognize the origins of these murder beasts,
No slim suspense,More than a dozen powerful evil frogs with the strength of destruction,Suddenly all squats on the ground,When the ground suddenly vibrated,One evil frogs skyrocket。
A more horrible and terrible force spread from inside。
Just at this time, the robbery suddenly reminded。
“I rubbed,蛤蟆!”Lin Feng suddenly remembered the 蛤蟆 功 in the lower bound,Also this posture。
Just don’t know where the experts are now.?
Lin Feng, did not want to try the joint hand of these ten strong people.,His figure is instantly narrowed,That is the same as dust。
Just when he is present as the dust,A terrible power fluctuations come,A light ball spit out from http://www.fenquanfengguan.cn these 蛤蟆 mouth,Safe Lin Fengwei。

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