Qi Rui knows that it is difficult for them to explain this 瘩,But through your own persuade, what should they do not make too much?,But Qi Wei understands that there must be someone to lead them.,And this person has already selected them for them.,That is Su Wenqian。

NS119chapter Killing, I am very powerful than you.!
Rui Rui wants to form your own killing action group,These killers of these iron blood groups are players,After this time, the tuning,Their assassination http://www.tyysqczl.cn has improved a big cut,It’s time they play a role.。
Therefore, we will intend to let them start from the Qingzhu traitor.,Zhang Xiao Lin must definitely be killing,But he is too big to go.,Ji Yunqing is the Tong Gang No. 2 traitor,Kill from him,This can also give you a green to help others who want to be traitors.,I can try the strength and loyalty of Zhou Dawa.。
Su Wenqian has been tuned by rushing this time, but it is too big.,Because Qi Rui teaches him, it is not only some of the killing of the enemy.,Also made some patriotic education,Mainly to enhance his big concept,Don’t always affect the overall situation of a person and his eyes.。
Surprisingly, it is written in accordance with the handwriting of Wang Crown.,His handwriting has a rude hand,It is Wang Guanzhang to write to Lu Zhengnian.,Zhou Dawiang。
After taking http://www.fumiaoplastics.cn this, I immediately contacted Song.,Let him inform Su Wenqian meet。
“Joy!Is there a task??”Su Wenqian’s most wanted to kill Li Li Xuanhuan,Because every time he meets him, he will learn the skills.,
“Ji Yunqing knows it.?”
“knowledge,Is a boss of the green,It is a traitor now.。”
“Wen Qian,I want to give you a daunting task.,I hope you can do it.。”
“What tasks have to be told by Joyo?,I must do my best!”
“Wen Qian,Do you know that the ax??”
“knowledge,They are all anti-Japanese heroes!”
“Zhou Dak,Li Nancheng,Lu Zhengnian,Huo Qizhong also has Tan Zhuohui’s five people in Shenghui.,I hope you can lead them.。”
“I am going to lead them?”Su Wenqian listened to a glimpse,
“Correct,Because you don’t have a party,They have not,But you have a newspaper.,They need someone to indicate the direction,So I hope that you will be their leader.,Your action group is called the Killing Action Group,Your task I will get directly to you.,You take them to execute,is it okay?”
“But I have never seen them.,How do they trust me??”
“I have a way to let them trust you.。”After the ritual ritual, I took out an old envelope to Su Wenqian.:“This is the personal note of Wang Crown.,That is, you will become a will for you?With this letter and your own skills?Plus you want to kill the devil and traitor,They should believe。”
“Will it take this letter??”
“There is also a real murderer who kills the crown, you can tell them。”
“He is the boss of our efforts?He kills Wang Guanzhan?This thing can’t blame him.,It was the murder of Wang Guanwei to kill Lao Jiang.。”
“Joy?How did you get this letter??There is also my name on it.!”Su Wenqian is very strange,
“Of course I wrote?But you can rest assured?This strike is Wang Guan,They will definitely believe in you.。”
“Row,Then, if we need them to help me, can I help me??”
“Can,But one thing?That is not to expose their true identity.?Because you have to know that they are always the goal of devils,Just because it is in the car,The devil is closed, one eye is closed.,Once exposed, they must be finished.,It is likely to be involved in your action group and car dealership。”
“I will http://www.fcx315.cn be careful!Every action will come to see your opinions。”
“Pasta?Recently, Tie Tiecheng is like?”
“He has become a day in addition to training is learning Japanese.,Now his Japanese is basically able to talk to the devil.。”
“very good?But the killing action group must not make him blended,They can only listen to your one’s command?Do you remember??”

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