“Really,”White-haired teenagers who have a http://www.yabela.cn cane,Snort,The sound of the crutches is 咚咚,“Why do you have to do this??”

“that is because,If the Ethis Moso is falling,The earth will be broken。”Beside him,The girl in the tea smiles around the teenager turned the circle.,“If the earth is broken,The place where all our lives will become.,Yu Shunyu tried to make agenious in the idea~”
“Attempt,It’s nothing to do with me.。”White-haired teenagers have turned over white eyes,“but,Look on your little face”
“Let him call it once.。”One party lifts the head,Snort,Look at the top,The eyes seem to penetrate the entire elevator,Direct space top。
First explosion bolt。
“Be you?”Franda looked at the top of the head,The row of the row of the fire,Behind her,The countless fire robots have already been made by the guns.,Her bomb in her hand has not been able to throw out,“How do http://www.yanyangdabao.cn you”
“There is still a dialect of three seconds,”The head of the head of Yumu, put down the battle car rifle in his hand.‘Steel destroyer’,Say faint tone,“Yumu is trying to remindowletEveryone seizes time。”
“This kind of tone is true for the first time.。”Franda turned over the eye,The mouth is hooked with a trace of radians.,“Since this,So”
Raise your hands,Franda’s signature,The fascinating four sides will appear in the hands of the girl,Behind her,Freeli is gently pulled his sister’s neighborhood,Already ready to lead her from the battlefield。
Second explosion bolt。
Looking at not far, like a cold, cold, cold,Steier lost a laugh,Raise your hands,If you are destroyed, Yan Yan is now crazy.,Behind him,More than ten meters high flame widows appear again,Spray flame,In the roaring, the magical teacher is born in the fire sea.!
Third explosion bolt。
Looking at the huge detonation device in front of,One party contests,Slowly raise the crutches in your hand,Heavy point on the ground。
The crabbed burst is accompanied by earthquake vibrations.,Looking at the broken explosion bolts in front of,One side jumped。
“I thought I shouted??idiot。”
At this time,Ethiya top。
Alissa is a horrible standing on the stage,The entire venue has no audience,In front of her,The face is dignified to the front of her front。
Opposite to the upper strip,Long haired girl in black tights looking at two people。
(This chapter is over)
NS357chapter Girl who born due to miracles
“Saudila,what are you going to do?”The dead end is in front of Elisa,Be alert to the dark hair girl looking not far,exactly,It is a gun in her hand.。
“Step aside。”Girl is shaking,Bite your teeth,Speak out,“The existence of this guy http://www.szladpxerxnolv.cn has contributed to the Rayli’s plan,Also contributed to the sacrificial sacrifice!”
“What is the relationship with Elisa??”Flash in the eyes of the upper,“Elisa is just the chess of the guy.,Why do you want to do with her??”
“Her song”The voice of Saudiola is more trembling,So, bring a touch of faintness.,“The miracle caused by this guy will be confused!”
“So you plan to kill her.?”Girl in front of the front,“Are you crazy?”
“What miracle,Will take the initiative to confuse the humanity?”The upper is angry looking at Saudila,“What is this ridiculous reason??”
“Not so many reasons!”Saudira screws,There is a tear of tears.,“If she doesn’t have her if she is”
“No words,You died in the events three years ago.。”A voice with a silk tired is passed from the venue.。

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