Wang Zhelin ushered in the strongest helper, the best domestic competition is still to be continued

Wang Zhelin ushers in the strongest helper
Wang Zhelin and Zhou Qi had defeated the first round of the season.Figure / Osports Beijing News News Wang Zhelin’s helper is coming, will the Fujian men’s basketball team improve?In the new season of the CBA League 4 rounds, the Fujian team announced today that Stadmeier will replace guard Eric Green.Starting from the game against the Bayi men’s basketball team on the evening of the 13th, Stoudemire will represent the Fujian men’s basketball team in the 2019-2020 season CBA league.In these 4 rounds, the Fujian men’s basketball team played very hard and did not taste a victory at the beginning of the season.The team lost to Zhejiang Guangsha 90 to 93, lost to Shanxi 107 to 115, lost to Qingdao 119 to 125, and lost to Xinjiang 120 to 127 in the previous round.In the first four seasons losing streak, the Fujian men’s basketball team had to take some actions.After 4 rounds, the five teams of the CBA have not won in the new season, and the Fujian Men’s Basketball Team is one of them.In four games, the Fujian team averaged 109 points per game and ranked 8th out of 20 teams. It seemed to have no problem, but in terms of average points per game, the team ranked third with 115 points.It is worth mentioning that although the core Wang Zhelin is currently averaging 26.The 3-point data ranks 16th in the league and ranks first among domestic players, but the last game was “hit” by Zhou Qi, which may become one of the reasons why the club immediately decided to replace foreign aid.In the last round of losing to Xinjiang, Wang Zhelin scored 27 points, 9 rebounds, and finally left 6 offenses, but Zhou Qi scored a career-high 35 points in front of him.Zhou Qi’s joining made Xinjiang’s strength upgrade, but Wang Zhelin led the team to surround the quagmire with help.Stoudemire made a casual appearance with the team before.Figure / Osports under such expectations, the voice of Stoudemire sounded.When Stoudemire joined the CBA, he caused a lot of sensation, but he was originally regarded as the third foreign aid by the Fujian team because of the late arrival time. So far, he has not obtained a chance to play.However, can 37-year-old Stoudemire become the team’s savior, will his appearance affect the distribution of ball rights?The internal attack and defense pressure of the Fujian Air Force is on Wang Zhelin alone. Will the arrival of Stoudemire liberate him?The answers to all these questions are reset and tomorrow’s game begins to be announced one after another.CBA’s first “Battle of the Kings” in the new season is indeed Zhou Qi won the game, but after all, it is only the first round of the two.Who will win the next meeting and win the data?Of course, only Wang Zhelin, who was “released”, is expected to continue the battle for “the best insider in China.”

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