“Summer summer his skills,Actually,Ectober and consumption?”

“This is the ultimate strength in the summer.?”
People are shocked and excited,The look is very popular。
Be seen,Summer at this moment,With absolute strength,Not only did not fall in the wind,Instead, occupy a little wind。
The two are too intense,Be too wonderful。
Will a sword like a good hand,Recruitment,Really aftertaste。
Tens of thousands of people watching,Dripping。
Both parties every time,It contains the disappointing mysterious,People can’t help but want to cheer。
The eight pole king in the first spirit,Hawran stands up,“Summer skills have reached70Draft is above?
How can this be”His eyes,I recognize it http://www.neteasyall.cn in an instant,At this moment, the summer is not in the short-minded。
It is true for strength。
His eyes flashing haze,Heart-shaped。
To know,Three years ago,Summer is just Tongzhi level,Selection in the heterogeneous space,Breakthrough in the past。
Just three years,His skill is reached70Draft?
What kind of practice is this。
He is fully expected,This battle,No matter who loses who wins,Summer will be bigger。
Governing,That is,After all, in the mysbine, tens of thousands of years。
http://www.meitebangong.cn Summer is different。
Everyone knows the information jade,He is just a breakthrough in the selection。
In just three years, you can compete with the manner.,Regardless of the power or potential,That explain everything。
“Universal secret can take,Power,Absolute skill,How did he catch up?”Eight pole holy king is not allowed,眼 眼 起,“Is it too yin??”
Depths of mystery,The three main people naturally see the essence.。
Jin Ding Dao is looking at Huanglong Road,Be more complicated。
“Rock,This is your bad。”
Huanglong Road laughed,“You teach the Summer Print to Summer,But I am betting with us”Jin Ding Dao is also nodded,One of the thoughts observed the two people in the fight,“75,Now now skill,The strongest hit can be reached75Draft。”
The Lord Lord of Luo Waterway is light,The mouth can’t help but evoke a bending。
http://www.sagalove.cn “In fact, I am also surprised.,after all,Teaching the Summer Tai Soul Yin Spirit is only three years,He not only,The second style is also small.”Summer is not disappointed,I also got her too yin soul.。
To know,Tai Yin Sheng Yin is her life,Just like the top ten originals of the Lord Kagawa。
From a certain extent,Summer can be considered half of her.。
“I won this game.,what do y’all think。”
Summer has already had70Draft scale,No matter who loses this battle,I am not important for the three owners.。
Important,Three people saw huge talents and potential in the summer。
The words of the Los Over the Luo Shui Dao are obvious.。
Summer has faintly hidden,So genius,Never use the proprietary of the ordinary road to limit him。
“you win。”
The two mains are very happy.,Their eyes are naturally not bad。
They will not be innocent,After cultivating the Lord of Luo Water Road,Can improve within two months15Deternescent。

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