“what’s the plan?”Night loneliness。

“The Legend of Tongzan is Fa Hong,Tzon’s important person,Since they come to buy the moon lake,We don’t do it.,Control Fahong。”Lin Feng carrys the double hand:“If it is controlled,Not only can I resolve the crisis of this matter,You can also get a lot of benefits。”
Tiannan President and the night lonely two people have lost color,Lin Feng is not amazing and dead,Has been secretly secretly secretly,This actually has to control the big character of Mt.,This crazy idea is what they didn’t think before.。
“Can you think of other ways??”Golden big snake draws a few words。
“Golden Brother,We agree。”Lonely night, look at the golden big python,Suddenly I know that this Qinglong Chamber of Commerce also agreed to this matter.。
He has never regarded the golden big purist as a snake.,But as a brother,Do not,Old fox as an old giant,Never doing things。
“I also agree,There is no better way than this.。”Tiannan president also nodded:“Since this,Let’s let go,Maple,We will work hard。”
“it is good!”Lin Feng heard the words:“They will come tomorrow afternoon.,You are waiting for it first.,I will ask both friends to drink tea.,Talk about something。”
Tiannan President and night lonely two people nodded,I immediately left the figure.。
And Lin Feng also dialed the blood of the blood.,The phone quickly came from the voice of blood.:“Lee,God?”
“You and Liu Shengzan come to Huajiang Province at night,I have some things to ask you.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“remember,The sooner the better。”
“Lee,do not worry,We have passed in the afternoon.。”Blood and air respect:“I will notify him.。”
“it is good,I am waiting for you in Zhongzhou City.,This is a small scenic spot in Zhongzhou City.,But there is no smoking.。”Lin Feng explained:“It’s easy to find it.。”
“Yes,Lee!”Blood and air respect。
Lin Feng immediately happened.,Then I walked directly to the car.,Drive away。
Yanzhuang District,A luxurious palace,The area established by this palace is above the hill of a snowy mountain.,On the wall is gold plated,And it is true gold,Brilliant,Planting a gods in the palace,One Bodhi Tree Planting Terminal Center。
The scream of the screams from the palace。
Palace,The voice of the woman came from the second floor.,That sound is very loud,Flying fairy wants to die,But with the voice of scream,I disappeared after half a time。
There is a large sofa in the palace。
Lying in the large bed with a dozen caffenes,Lose the vitality,Their body is extremely well,Renewal,Hair shawl,But it is dead.,It’s like a blossoming flowers。
A middle-aged bald monk leaves from a woman like a flower.,The corner of the mouth with a trace of evil smile,The woman under his body gradually turned black.,Be dead。
It’s like a daddy flowers,It was taken in an instant to die。
The sacred color of the middle-age bald man disappeared,With sacred,Majestic colored, he put on a piece of robes,His body flowing with crystal,It seems that there is a lot of younger。
“Francing brother,Falun brothers come to see。”Just at this time, a small sand is rang.。
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Middle-aged bald men heard a smile,Then he laud:“You let the Master brothers first,Prepare good tea,I have passed。”
This middle-aged bald man is not someone else,It is the big-class person of Mt.,Tongz Zong’s three people,In the middle of the Temple。
Fa Hong!
It has been cultivated in the world.。
When this person is young, it is an official.,Chief,Later, I was still monk.,This person brings the kind of Auntie in the officialdom into the truth.,Mixed wind rose cloud water,Later,Great interest,Use Dan medicine to put your own cultivation。
Frank,He put a piece of Gaza,His figure went out,His look solemn,Then he came to the first floor.。
A middle-aged monk sitting on the sofa of the first floor living room,Obese,With charity,Wear a big gown,Hand holding a string of golden beads。
http://www.shoujiwaike.cn “Amitabha,Brother!”Middle-aged fat and fat people high-spirited a Buddha number,This middle-aged obese monk is the magic of the little sand.,It is a big man。
This person is the second number of Tongzi’s diet.,Divided under the law。
“Brother,welcome,Far-off。”Fa Hong laughed and came to the front of the law.:“Master Day and Night Entertainment,Also ask Director。”
“Amitabha,The brother is heavy,The joy is that I am Buddha’s to Gao Shen.,Daily plus practice is the respect for my Buddha,Something can test the big fruit。”French look:“Don’t say you,Just a brother, I have to practice day and night.。”
“Teacher’s brothers are more and more exquisite,In the future, I will take a half-step.,Brother,The brother has recently got a few beautiful beauty.,Don’t know that the brother is interested in bringing them into the bliss??”Fa Hong laughs。

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