Two people are different,Emboustic doubts。

The center of the study is a huge desk,The desk is sitting behind a man who looks like a five0-year-old man.。
Men’s black and white melter white hair,Nationalcy face,No angry。
He looks,I have a few points with the Junli.。
It is Liuhe Mountain。
At this moment he lows,Put a laptop。
After a moment,He put the computer on a sofa, a woman on the sofa.。 At the same time,“Liu three,You can say。”
And on the screen of the computer screen,A woman’s face appeared。
Her appearance is not beautiful,But not ugly,Can only speak Pu Tong。
As computer change direction,She naturally saw two people sitting on the sofa。
First,Then I nodded.,Always say hello。
They all know,It is the heart of Liuhe Mountain。
“grown ups,The capital has been spread.,Summer and Liu Qingqing were seriously injured,They are now in Beijing301Hospital。”
Toned,Liu San is swallowed,Also,“I rumored that they have encountered unknown sneak attack last night.,Just in the Pinggu District Xiaozhuang section,I just came back there.,Although there is a warning there,But I still see,That place turned into a ruin。”
Liu San thinks the scene you see before,Until now,There is still an endless doubt in the heart.,And the endless horror。
Damage caused by the area,Unlike humanity。
More like an intensive artillery invasion。
She is really hard to imagine,What kind of battle will be caused to damage that?。
“Later, I went again.301Hospital,But I didn’t dare to get close.,Unable to determine if summer is really injured,But I saw a lot of faces in Beijing.,Zhao Jia Zhao,Feng Tianpeng,Yang Jia Yang Haoyu brothers,Even the special car of Lingyun Group Xia Xue……Adult,Now the situation in Beijing is very subtle,I think the summer injury should be true.。”
Her words,Let the two sitting on the sofa are also very surprised.。
Confused Liuhe Mountain,Sitting on the chair and do not send。
But his brow is slightly。
for a long time。
He slowly opened,“Summer strength,There are not many people who are seriously injured.,Check if he is hurt??”
Liu three faintly spit out two words,“All in rumors are light,But there is no confirmation,I specially investigated it.,Many families in Beijing,I don’t even know who is the light.……”Narrate。
Liuhe Mountain pupil。
“Sure enough is him!”
He slowly stands up,“In today’s world,Only a light can hit the summer.,Is this going to revenge for the Jun??
Why did he suddenly shot?……”Toned,What did he think of,Hawran is shocked,road,“Even light,Also just hitting the summer……Among them, there are other inside.,Rate……Is the rushing to grab the respected ring??”
Merely,He raises the sound,“check!Continue investigation,I am going back to China now.,When I go back,I hope you can bring me good news.。”
Liu Sangong visited,And then interrupt the contact。
“grown ups,Do we have to return to China??”
One of the middle-aged men carefully inquired。
“You stay here。”

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