Shaanxi Province Quality Strong Provincial Work Promotion Committee All Meetings

Original title: Provincial Quality Strong Provincial Work Promotion Committee All meetings (Reporter Xu Ying) March 2, the provincial quality and powerful provincial work promotion committee held a plenary meeting.

Liu Guozhong, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, made a disclosure of the quality of our province.

Vice Governor, Provincial Quality Strong Provincial Work Promotion Committee of Cheng Fubo hosted the meeting and speaking.

The meeting pointed out that the implementation of strong national strategies, conducting quality improvement actions, is a major strategic decision made by General Secretary Xi Jinping personally deployed and the Party Central Committee.

In recent years, members of the provincial quality provincial committee have implemented the quality of the strong provincial strategy, focusing on "increased varieties, quality, creative brands", solidify the quality improvement action, the overall quality level is steadily improved, and the quality work pattern is gradually Formation, which has strong promoted high quality development in the province. The meeting emphasized that all sectors should conscientiously study General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the important instructions of quality work on the important instructions of the quality work, and further improve the political station, effectively enhance the sense of urgency and mission of building quality and province, and do a good job. Our province’s quality development work, providing strong support for implementing quality powers strategies.

To summarize the valuable experience and effective practices in the construction practice of strong quality provinces, promote the innovation of work mode, in order to promote high quality development, create high quality life, and provide high-performance governance. To adhere to the problem-oriented, highlight key tasks, focus quality, quality service, quality of engineering, promote quality improvement from the whole; highlight enterprise main body, strengthen subject responsibility, quality management, brand creation, promote quality improvement from the source; highlight risk prevention Further, further strengthen the matter of the matter, build the quality and safety bottom line, and ensure the quality improvement, highlight social treatment, improve the quality governance system, synergies system and evaluation system, and ensure quality improvement, accelerate the quality of higher levels Strong provincial construction.

The meeting considered the "Ninth Shaanxi Quality Award Review Work Report" and the list of candidate enterprises and organizations, "2020 City-level Government Quality Assessment Information Report" and assessment results.

(Editor: Zuo Rui, Deng Nan).

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