Sheng Tianyou, Northern Shaanxi (the world)

One Yulin North is a desert, and the south is the loess high slope. Huang is the main color tone of this place, soil, cave, crops, all colors, including cattle, including people. There is also a river, and there is a wind. It is a gap and a gully, and the gully is hardly passed from the loess slope.

Separate a geographical segmentation.

Yuanshan, the clouds of the dark blue will be wrapped there, only in the junction of the mountain, there is a gray-white gap, out of light red smoke. I am going to Yu De, go to Jingbian, and the road is all like a look.

Easy there is a water, tough and stubborn, or is an unsettled river. "It is famous for the family, and the family lives in the thirty ripple village …" The gull suddenly showed a high-tech Tourism, which made people on the road, and there was a multicolored cloud.

Letter Tianyou is the spiritual food of Northern Shaanxi.

In the past, the northern Shaanxi people were poverty, backward, and closed, but they never concealed the world, this mountain is loved, they live on this land, with optimism and enthusiasm, sang Nini The strongest sound.

The place name here is very characteristic: wild routine, Canyonempasis, Red Dun, Bayu Bay, Baicheng, Ma Huang Liang … Ma Huangliang is said to be a famous Tenture’s hometown. That singer is also practiced in this Huangji Liang.

"The sheep stomach heads are blue, and our meeting is easy. It is difficult to talk …" In this magical last, the northern Shaanxi people in the generation, using the barracks, and sang a song. Whether it is the trustworthy, whether it is a magnificent and vast "Tianxia Yellow River ninety-nine", "Shan Dandan blossoms," or melodious "Millennium Old root loess" The unpleasant folk singer is to enjoy the unique people.

Ten years ago, I came to Yulin. I heard a song halfway. I was stopped at the bus. I ran to a liang, it was a old man who took her sheep.

The sky is gradually darker, and his figure will outline it, and the shadow moves from a high place to the low, and it is moved from the low, the sound is also the same, and it is low, and it is like a short, like it is self-respect. The words, only every sentence is ups and downs, and they are swayed in the wild. There is a bitterness of the world, and there is also the idea of ??love. I think the letter is his companion. He is afraid that he is lonely, and it is loudly with that companion. He should be like this every day, so that it is full of beauty. This will pass all the ideas, and go home to be drilled in the nest. I saw that the figure slowly walked away, the sky gradually lowered, covering the whole mountain. The loess and the rolling desert of the second millennium have constitute a vast, magnificent picture, and the film is full of depression and resolute.

This shaped the character of Northern Shaanxi, persistent, thick, and causing, and also pregnant, heroic, heroic, and exciting letter. Some people say that in the local area, people are accustomed to talking in the slopes and the bottom of the groove, shouting, the sound must be long, the sound is small or short.

The long-rolling scattered rhythm, or the origin of the letter, some people want to have deeper expressions, forming a singing chamber, both pinning, and expressing. Letter Tournament will be unfolded from the northern Shaanxi northern in the troops, and spread to the intestines.

I have been interested in the letter from Taoism, and I have been looking for those folk singers, with them, and record their singing.

From the love songs of life, it is the essence of Lettercastle, and is the main adjustment of the folk songs in Northern Shaanxi. Those sings are very grounded: "The horses on the wall are still low, they still miss you in the face to face.

"The egg shell is half-pointed, and the buddh is not poor."

"It’s really dare to want to sing, straightforward." Orchid flower "" Hourmother "" 圪 圪 梁 "" Thirty Mile " The egg throw in the article Lin "" Walking the West "… Nothing is a classic old song that people like to see it." That Lan Lan on the East Hill is on the bright, forty miles, Pingchuan does not see personal. You are sick in your home, I am crying in my house, the pears on the scales will not be able to send it. "This tuning is really vivid, listening to the tapishequs. There is something to say, Letter Tour, constantly, break the head, the poor can not solve the problem."

I have seen an old man, and he sang a lifetime of letter, it was the feet of catching the spirit, liked a daughter of a boss, but did not come together.

So he gave a long loess road.

I can’t understand what he sang, others say that all his own heart.

He sang, perhaps the real letter of trip, the letter is heart, what is it?

I also have seen a little girl, sing on the gap. I didn’t dare to bother, I was afraid that she was ashamed, so she secretly stood behind it.

Her voice came up, with the coolness of the unnamed river. I also don’t know what she sang, not the songs in memory, but the same beauty is beautiful.

One sentence is: unsettled water, don’t let me see you, I look at the cutup, I look at the old wall after the willow … Meilly tune, crisp and lively voice, make a fresh spirit The beauty of spirit.

I heard the letter from the mountains, I feel that people who sing are like who is expressing, that person or not far away, where you can hear him.

He or she deliberately express it, sing or saying more easily than it. Three in Northern Shaanxi has been working for a long time, it will find that the enthusiasm of Northern Shaanxi people, always invite you to get home, tell you.

Speaking of Xinsheng Tour, they laugh, sing, sing, here, almost everyone will sing two sentences, Blue Sky Baiyun Chaoyang Mingyue, Dongshan Lons Xi Valley, little sister, brother, ancient city wall yellow land … ignore.

Ren, the world is natural, unrestrained.

Now, Yulin and Yan’an are in the area, life has undergone earth-shaking changes. But people still willing to sing, willing to listen.

More and more people come to collect, study the "activated stone" of this life. In order to leave a permanent historical memory, Yulin has built a Museum of Museum of Folk Song in Northern Shaanxi.

There is the essence of Xinshengyou, and she has a string of songs, a story, a paragraph.

Those speakers, although all of them are pure Mandarin, but privately in the private, still a good Northern Youth. They are also a "singing home" that is unlocked, and they can come to a letter token.

In the evening, I wandered by the river, suddenly heard the sound of the drums and the sound, then the melodious letter Tour: The scorpion of the head is oh, the light of the three cars … It turned out to be the center park. The square dance here is different from other points, look at that, the expression, the happy sound is a big burst, it is simply wrapped in people.

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