Sichuan Mianzhu: Green healthy life, constantly enhance the happiness of the people’s lives

Month, Mianzhu, Tianlang, Hui Feng, Huifeng, Willing, is a bright "Mianzhu Blue"; Cangshan Tricas, Bishui Pan, Looking At Four Gu, is a pleasant "ecological green" … Behind, condense the whole domain of Mianzhu to plant trees, promote ecological restoration, and protect the determination of the ecological environment.

In recent years, Mianzhu City has always been attached to the ecological revitalization, the layout of "ecological +" green development pattern, effectively promotes production, life, ecological depth fusion, forms a green picture of environmental protection and development, ecological and economic "Qincha and Ming".

The whole area of ??planting trees and builds green homes in March, which is the good time to plant trees. Every year, the four major team leaders in Mianzhu City will participate in the afforestation greening and national obligation to plant trees with cadres and volunteers. Towns (streets), municipal departments, schools, hospitals, enterprises, etc. also responded to calls, from the city to the countryside, from the mountains to the Ping Dam, from the roadside to the riverside, plant strain saplings, broadcast new green .

In recent years, Mianzhu City firmly establishes "Green Water Qingshan is the concept of Jinshan Yinshan", adheres to the development, ecological and safety of three bottom lines, vigorously implementing ecological strategic actions, thick ecological advantages, and building a green home. Taking the tree planting section as an opportunity, the city’s multi-level, multi-form proposal to forest planting forest, form a high level promotion, department interaction, up and down linkage, allocation, and advocate the whole society to love green, green, green and green. Data indicates that only 2020, the area of ??Mianzhu’s obligation to reach acres, completed the obligation to plant the trees, and the obligation to plant trees is full of accountability. By strengthening mountain forest conservation, artificial cultivation million acres, medium-sized forests care 10,000 mu, and inefficient forest transform thousands of acres.

At the same time, actively carry out the protection of the ancient trees and wood protection, through the trimming branches, eliminating safety hazards, installing the lightning protection equipment, carrying out environmental remediation and other measures, etc. Promoting the ecological restoration of the new life of the new life, rushing into the continuous tunnel, passing through the long tunnel, a small town hugged by the mountains, is reflected in the eye – the water system is wire, the landscape is shaded, along the Star Bubble , Specialty homestay, idyllic syndrome star Luo chess cloth. It is difficult to imagine, and it is still a mine pit in a few years ago.

From the mine to the ecological restoration, then to create a fairy tale town successfully created a national 4A-level tourist scenic spot, Qingping Town is less than two years, and achieves the "Mining Area, the home garden, the color output value" Gorgeous turn.

In November 2020, the small town is even more than the construction of the giant panda national park, and the list of "New Landmarks of Chengdu". Pursuing the footprint of Fenghuang Nirvana in Qingping Town, from Mianzhu City, the development ideas and innovation initiatives of ecological governance and industrial transformation, rural revitalization. Directly benefited, it is the local people. At the "850 miners theme guest", the old miners in 2 groups of Yanjing Village Xie Zhanhu took care of their own family, giant crush, mine cars, track, oil barrels and other "nostalgic" objects. "After the mine is closed in 2017, our family did not have income sources, and we started to engage in travel reception." Xie Zhenghu said that after years of development, the room has developed from the three beginning to 6, but also increased Cafe.

After the peak season, the revenue of home can increase by 30,000 yuan. And he also slowly adapts the identity of "miners" to "three-yield practitioners". Changes in Qingping Town are not an example in Mianzhu. In recent years, Mianzhu City adheres to ecological management as a priority strategy, there are plans, and have stepped to repair the mountain, vegetation, and accelerate the water environment. Practice the theory of "two mountains" and promote the template area of ??green development.

Today’s Mianzhu, sitting on the national tourism demonstration zone, national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration counties, China’s most charming rural tourist destination, Sichuan Province’s first batch of forestry ecotourism demonstration counties, the province’s county economic development, education, etc. Signboard, green has become the most beautiful background of this city. Protecting the ecological environment refreshing the city "value" "" Now Mianzhu is really beautiful, do not need Meitu software, you can take a picture of the pictures.

"Now, in Mianzhu often hear people feel that now, Mianzhu has become a temperament! "Protecting the ecological environment is not simple pollution prevention, but to build a long-term, share an ecological home. In recent years, Mianzhu City has planned from the whole game, and it has been good for the critical, and completes the ecological environmental protection short board. , Heavy punches, underwent, the source, the perseverance of "dripping stone, people, one me ten", to create an ecological environment protection, benefit the children’s future generations. Especially the 19th National Congress, Mianzhu City has continuously explored the new concept of environmental protection work. Mode, through the grasping "three links", build a new pattern of environmental planning; strengthen "three support", reshape new environmental management, innovative "three mechanisms", improve the environmental supervision new system, and achieve environmental protection system promotion , Concentrate on rectification, forming a new pattern of environmental protection work in "multi-investment, multi-technical, multi-strength", for Mianzhu accelerates the construction of "high-quality industries, high-quality tourism destination, high quality life is livable" Ecological barrier.

In the forest recycling area, economic forests, landscape forests, and ecological forests have thousands of autumn; along the mountain, a piece, a layer of new green is swaying; all over urban and rural areas, there is a wetland park and green Square to provide leisure and entertainment for the public … Ecology The better, the environment is getting more beautiful, not only the common feelings of the masses, but also more realistic data. At present, the green area hectares of Mianzhu City, the green coverage rate is%; the park green area is hectare, the per capita park has a square meter and green space rate%. The people of Mianzhu truly realize the green healthy life of "pushing the window to see green, go out". (Zhang Juan).

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