Zhongnan: This wave of epidemic can be more fast to encourage the third needle of vaccine

The picture is provided by the Shenzhen People’s Hospital.

Introduction to Zhongnan Mountain, the 3-11-year-old population is now quite high, in fact, the most critical is the elderly.

At present, the vaccination rate of new crown vaccines in the elderly is lower than adults and children, but they are the main disease."I also vaccinated myself." Zhongnan Mountain emphasized.He said that today, there are two unfavorable factors for this round of epidemics. The first is that this is a more difficult factor in the northwest, increasing the difficulty of tracking; the second unfavorable factor is in winter, the northern people gathered comparisonmany."China will continue to take strict epidemic prevention initiatives, and timely find infection chains, strengthen the testing of adapters, if necessary, in some high-risk areas, use these methods, and personal protection, etc., I want to be able toIt is not too worried about a lot of communication.

"Zhongnan Mountain said.

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