Politics is not destined

  On August 2, President of the US Congress House announced the so-called "New Crown Virus Traceability Report" updated. The report of this old-tone rebound continued to sell the so-called "Chinese Lab Leakage", but there was no evidence support, no credibility and scientificity. The despicable path of this midney bottom is again showed that in order to politics private interests, the American politician has fallen into the territory of the magic. At the moment, Delta variant strains are rapidly spread globally, and the cumulative case of new crown pneumonia is close to 200 million cases; the number of new diagnosis cases, number of hospitalization cases, and the number of death cases are severely rebounded.

At such a crisis, American politicians have a health and health of the people of the country, and the scientific and serious disturbances, severe interference and destruction of viral, severe interference, and destroying traceability, serious interference, and disruption of virus traceability. Global epidemic prevention and control cooperation overall situation. The American politician has actually become a virus "help", which is a "political virus" that is harmful. This act is neither moral, and it is not kind. It will only end in failure.

  For a while, the international community has more and more reports of new crown pneumonia in the second half of 2019, only at least 5 states of new crown virus infections in the United States have been previously diagnosed in the United States. time. This also shows that new crown virus traceability is a complex scientific issue, and should be based on the global perspective, and work together.

However, American politicians will still be regarded as scientific and facts, it is infected by politics.

In order to achieve the preset position of "laboratory leakage", they are in fact, violating science, actually using intelligence departments to train traceral investigations, and even suggesting that the government spends money to buy "evidence". This "traceable terrorism" has become another note of American hegemony thinking and overbreaching.

  It is seen that the first "Chinese virus" shouting from the US last government begins, and the United States has been spreading viral laminated speech around the world. The purpose of this political fighter is to wear, it is to shirk the responsibility of the US own anti-v.mmunity, in order to suppress China’s development and find an excuse.

In order to achieve this, the United States waves "black hand", through stress, pressure and other means, the scientist is in front of its hegemony, overbreak, and turn to "laboratory leakage". Many scientists who don’t want to succumber are therefore suffering from personal attacks and threats, and some experts have to resign to safeguard their persistent scientific position.

Because of this, it is necessary to promote the source of new crown viruses. First of all, we must completely clean the "political virus" that is responsible for the epidemic sugar and stress. The fair is self-employed, and the lie will end bankrupt.

The practice of politically fucking in the United States has been generally opposed by the international community. There is a resolution of a survey conducted by several major social media platforms around the world. 80% of global netizens involved in voting believe that new crown viruses have been politicized. Up to now, 70 countries have made the politicalization of the Director General of WHW Organization, publishing a statement, and politicization of traceability, emphasizing that China – WHO Joint Research Report should be maintained.

In the past few days, multi-country political, media, experts, and people have tried in different ways, condemn the United States will trace the politicalization of politicization, and have a clear control with the United States to engage in politics, oppose science, distort the facts, and fully reflect the international community. The righteousness and people’s heart back. The world will not forget, in 2003, the United States used a bottle of laundry powder as a "evidence" accused Iraq’s large-scale anti-weapons.

This "washing powder" has become one of the largest stains in the history of American foreign exchange.

Today, if the United States is still resending, it will not only be a public insult to science, but also a serious incidence of China, a huge provocation of the world.

New crown viruses is global, and viruses are also politicized in the world.

We are telling American politicians, in front of facts in fact science, political fatches are not destined.

Put your energy in the fight against the epidemic, save your life, stop the trick of politics, the supra, the trick, the pot is the attitude toward the people of the country, and the attitude of responsible for the global public health industry.

(Editor: Niu Yi, Yuan Bo) Sharing let more people see.

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