"Pocket Park" in Yuyang Street, Liangqing District, Nanning City is built at the end of December

"Pocket Park" renderings. The Liangqing District Committee Propaganda Department is located on November 10th, in the construction site of Erli Leisure Plaza, Yuyang Street, Jinxiang District, Liangqing District, a excavator is constructed, and the floor planning project is basically ended.

According to Wei Jinsheng, Deputy Director of the Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau of Nanning City, Yuyang Street "Pocket Park" project is one of the 2021-year Liangqing District for private practical project projects, starting on October 1, currently completed the rest Foreign transportation, premium and other prenatal work, ready for the park, square base excavation, expect to be completed at the end of December.

The golden elephant is the old town of Liangqing District, and the surrounding houses are dominated by self-construction room, living in a large number of mobile populations, but the community activity places are insufficient. In order to optimize the living environment, enhance the people’s livelihood, solve the problem of the people who need to be very expensive to the community activity venue in the golden elephant in the Liangqing District, and in order to enhance the quality of urban landscape, increase park green space supply, Liangqing District Housing and Construction Bureau Based on "I do practical things for the masses", I use the idle wasteland to create a micro-landscape "Pocket Park".

Yuyang Street "Pocket Park" is mainly based on plant landscape, reflecting the plant season changes, doing spring flowers, summer is shade, autumn is colored, winter green, planting a styling small leaves, tattoo, cock, ocean Bauhinia, Phoenix, Colorful Zhu Zhu, Triangle, Four Seasons, Dragon Boat, Ma Mud, etc. By flooring marble, mounting park, finished leisure chess stone table, wellness fitness equipment, children’s slide, etc. forming garden cotton landscape.

As the surrounding resident activity site, Yuyang Street "Pocket Park" is set there to have community center landscape districts, fitness and leisure areas, children’s play areas, chess and casual areas, along the street view, through reasonable layout to create a pleasant garden environment, provide good residents Leisure, entertainment, traffic and sports space.

Next, the Liangqing District will continue to innovate ideas and methods, reasonable planning more idle land transformation into "pocket park", truly doing a good job for the masses, do practical things, and actually achieve practical results in promoting urban high quality development.

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