The agricultural issue of the city branch supports the development of salt and cultural industries.

Since this year, China Agricultural Development Bank City Branch keeps over the Municipal Committee and Municipal Government to create "Sanjin Mingzhu, Huaxia Mother Lake, Chi Salt Culture International Tourism Destination" work deployment, take the initiative to link the governments and enterprises to improve the salt culture Expo Park, And form a professional team, providing a package of financing and integrating services, accumulating the approval of the Salt Cultural Expo Park, fully supports the government to promote the ecological protection and development and utilization of salt lakes, and fully support the development and promote the "salt culture of Hedong". With the opening of the 2021 Yuncheng Pool Salt Cultural Tourism, the Hedong Pine Salt Museum, which was completed in half, was officially opened.

The Agricultural Development Yuncheng Branch puts the salt pool cultural fair to improve the project as a key project, the project invests billion yuan, apply for loan billion yuan, the construction content mainly includes the pool salt cultural museum and the pool of the pool. Cultural Square. In the early days of the project, the leaders of the agricultural issuance of the city branch have repeatedly led into the project site, discusses the project construction financing matters with relevant government departments and enterprises. According to the demand for project construction, it is necessary to formulate the most financial services programs in the local premium, and the loan approval is delivered.

At present, the transportation city branch has been put on the project for billion yuan, follow-up funds will be launted with the progress of the project.

With the support of agricultural release loans, Yuncheng Chi Salt Museum has been successfully opened, and the 7 exhibition halls in the museum show the long history of Hardio culture and rich heritage.

Pool Temple Culture Square and supporting facilities are still under construction. Next, the agricultural distribution of the agricultural issue will be fully supported by the project’s progress, with the development of regional economic development with special salt culture.

At the same time, it will also use this project as an opportunity to increase support for rural revitalization industries and characteristic cultural industries, and create a positive contribution of "tourism and strong market" to "cultural strong market" for transportation. (Lu Bo Yu) (Editor: Lei Wei, Zhang Linshan) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

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