"New Engine" of patents, new energy vehicles

Original title: Patent, New Energy Car "New Engine" January 11, Baidu Company (hereinafter referred to as Baidu) At the same time, the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (known as Geely) announced that both parties will jointly form a smart electric car company to play Baidu Automatic driving technology, Geely technological advantages in pure electric vehicle architecture, jointly build next-generation intelligent electric vehicles.

  In the new energy automotive industry that has gradually become "Red Sea", Baidu and Geely cooperate at this time, which can be described as an opportunity and challenge.

On the one hand, Baidu and Geely have a new energy vehicle "brain" and "torso", and the patent reserves are rich, and they are catching up with my country to release a series of positive policies related to new energy vehicles; on the other hand, facing Tesse Pulling, Wei Si, the "forerunner", Baidu and Geei, etc., how to break around in the "Red Sea", still facing many challenges. In this regard, experts suggest that continuing to increase innovation is the key to breakout, Baidu and Geely set up new companies should root the intelligent network, strengthen the research and development of the power system and intelligent network core technology, strengthen the patent layout, so that Keep up the "speed" of the new energy car.

  What is the advantage of both parties? With the advancement of new infrastructure construction such as 5G network, artificial intelligence, the automotive industry has shown intelligent, webinated, electricized, sharing development trend, and smart vehicles have become a breakthrough in the transformation and upgrading of new era.

  In this context, Baidu "Hand" Geely enters the new energy auto market, what is the technical advantage? Since 2013, Baidu deep-moving automatic driving, intelligent cockpit, car network and other technological innovation.

In 2017, Baidu released the Apollo automatic driving software platform, covering automatic driving, intelligent transportation, intelligent car joint business sectors, aimed at helping partners quickly set up a set of auto-driving systems. Up to now, Apollo has grown into the world’s largest automatic driving open platform.

  Baidu Introduction to the official time, its use of Geely Group, is both the best practice of artificial intelligence technology and is also an important strategic layout in the intelligent travel.

Baidu will comprehensively enroll automobile companies in the core technology of artificial intelligence, Apollo automatic driving, small car, Baidu map, etc., supports rapid growth.

  As one of the representatives of my country’s national car brands, in recent years, Geely will focus on R & D to the new energy vehicle area, with multiple core technologies in automatic driving, car network, road synergies. Geely introduced that this cooperation will be expanded based on Geely’s newly developed global pure electric architecture – SEA vast intelligent evolution experience architecture This architecture enables automobile to achieve automatic driving functions such as autonomous parking, automatic navigation. Behind technological innovation is the accumulation of patents, which is also "hard strength" of both parties to cooperate.

The National Industrial Information Safety Development Research Center, the Electronic Intellectual Property Center, the Industrial and Information Technology, published in November 2020, showing that Baidu is the first in my country’s artificial intelligent patent authorization .

Geely has been committed to building a world-leading new energy research and development and manufacturing system, investing more than 30 billion yuan in new energy research and development and industries, with more than 300 new energy car core patents.

  Wang Junlei, deputy secretary-general of the Intellectual Property Branch of China Automobile Engineering, said in an interview with China Intellectual Property Trunteers: "The cooperation between the two parties can be a strong combination, which helps to play the technical advantages of Baidu in the field of artificial intelligence, Geely in the traditional manufacturing field. Hardware advantages, making both parties to cooperate in technology, capital and other fields to promote the industrialization of intelligent network technology. "How do many policies? Baidu and Geely admitted to the new energy automotive industry at this time, is catching up with my country’s intensive introduction to new energy vehicle policies, these positive policies will affect what cooperation between the two parties? In February 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments were jointly issued the "Intelligent Automobile Innovation Development Strategy". The definition of smart vehicles was first clarified, and smart vehicles were distinguished by the type of smart car and the intelligence of smart vehicles and The network linkage cooperation trend is directed to the future development of the industry. In April 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Notice on Promoting 5G Expressive Development", proposing to promote the "5G + car network" synergistic development, and promote the use of car networks into national new information infrastructure construction projects, and build national car network networks Pilot zone. In January this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will carry out the revision of "Intelligent Network Automotive Road Test and Demonstration Management Specification (Trial)", to further promote the landing of smart car products, and accelerate industry transformation and upgrading provides policy support. . "The introduction of a series of positive policies is conducive to standardizing the intelligent automotive industry standard, clearing the disorder for the industry, indicating the direction." Wang Junli said the reporter reporter, the intelligent automobile demonstration area of ??the local government, the construction of the test area will be greatly promoted The landing of the intelligent web technology. Baidu and Geely just take the "Dongfeng" of the Positive Policy. In the view of Wang Junlei, Geely is one of the largest production and sales of domestic production and sales, the most complete product system is one of the most complete research and development strength; Baidu has become the most complete technical system in China’s intelligent network, and one of the largest manufacturers of business. . Positive policies help the two sides will land for their technical advantages in new energy vehicles as soon as possible, and promote the rapid development of my country’s new energy automotive industry.

  "The formation of joint ventures will greatly promote the landing of the intelligent network of the two sides, and promote the market-based application of my country’s high-end automatic driving technology, helping my country’s intelligent network automotive technology to develop in the direction of autonomous control, safe and efficient direction." Wang Junlei said .

  How to break around the "Red Sea"? At present, the new energy vehicle market is competed, and the competition is fierce.

Tesla market value is high in the industry list, domestic enterprises, Xiaopeng and other traditional vehicle companies and other traditional car companies in Guangzhou.

In the new energy vehicle sector that has gradually become "Red Sea", Baidu and Geely break through, still need to force in innovation and patent layout. "Baidu, Geely in some areas of new energy vehicles do not have leading advantages." Wang Junlei said, although Baidu has developed many years in the intelligent automotive field, the smart car manufacturing process is complex, the investment is large, the development cycle is long, lacks the car supply chain Management, production, sales and other experience will constrain its future development; Geely has strong software technology in the network and automatic driving technology, and still needs to strengthen technical research and development. In the view of Wang Junlei, Baidu and Geely’s cooperation will help the two parties to play their own technical advantages, and complement the other party’s technology "short board", but the joint venture will take a piece of a cup in the new energy vehicle industry, but also continue to strengthen Technological innovation and patent layout.

  "The intelligent network is the focus of future new energy auto companies. Baidu and Geei should create an automotive ecosystem of the intelligent network as the core, jointly overcome the technical bottleneck in the field, and should also solve the new energy vehicle motor and The supply problem of the power system such as the battery. "Wang Junlei suggested. (Our reporter Feng Fei internship reporter Xue Peiwen) (Editor: Lin Lei, Li Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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