Song Shuyu: Name wine area will usher in a new era of accelerated development

Sang Shuyu, Chairman of the Chinese Wine Industry Association.

At the meeting, the Chairman Sang Shuyu, the Chairman of the China Wine Industry Association, pointed out that the ecology is becoming the top priority of China’s current and the future, with the future. The ecological value of liquor brewing is increasingly attached, and the wine area will truly usher in accelerated new era.

In Song Shuyu, the wetland is a scarce resource in the natural ecology. The ecological directly affects the natural ecological and micro-ecological, and the recent release of the Chinese wine industry will also propose. In the future, it is necessary to promote the wine industry to the green ecological development. Transformation, comprehensively enhance the ecological value of liquor brewing.

He also suggested that the production area has become synonymous with Chinese liquor quality. During the 13th Five-Year Plan, Double Ditch has completed the production capacity reserve of high quality liquor, quality reserves, and unique wetland ecology, splendid culture, wine creation, The development of the ditch has laid a good foundation, with the advancement of the 14th Five-Year Plan, "Double Gugs will usher in greater opportunities." In addition, for the future of double-ditch wine, Song Shuyu put forward 5 suggestions, that is, based on the leading area leads, build a famous wine expression system; the spirit of the intestinement, cultivating the famous wine inheritance; based on the quality upgrade, enhance the development of famous wine; based on innovation, 湃The development of wine; based on cultural inheritance, highlighting the wine in the past 100 years. (Editor: Dong Tong, Yang Di).

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