Ruikang Hospital hosted 2021, Guangxi Training Class

In order to strengthen the organization of the graduation education of Guangxi TCM, the organization of graduate education, improve the connotation of the graduation education base, October 27-28, hosted by the Autonomous Region Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, "2021 Guangxi Training class for the graduation education management personnel in TCM is held in Hezhou. More than 150 people from all over the region of the city’s health and health committees, the Chinese Medicine Bureau, and the graduate education and training base management staff participated in this training.

Chen Qila, deputy secretary of the party committee of the Ruikang Hospital, said in the speech that Ruikang Hospital has launched a large number of fruitful work since its first batch of national hospital hospital / general practitioners standardized training base, and the hospital has been in traditional Chinese medicine in recent years. The construction of the doctor’s standardization training base, the training, homogenization management, etc., has also accumulated a certain experience. This year, the hospital has received a national key professional base in the 2021 national Chinese medicine, one of 40 countries, and is also the only base in Guangxi, which is highly recognized to Ruikang Hospital.

She said, in order to do this training, Ruikang Hospital carefully planned, invited well-known experts in the district to teach experience and experience, hoping that the students will strengthen the study and the learning and interior and foreign advanced bases. Communicate to promote the healthy development of traditional Chinese medicine. Subsequently, Chen Yilan lectured to the organization and implementation of medical education collaboration and traditional Chinese medicine, the first Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Liu Yonghui, taught the experience sharing with the clinical strongest as the core, Guilin TCM Hospital experts Tang Gangjian, Hezhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Peiyan, Zhu Yongbi, deputy dean of Fusui County Chinese Medicine Hospital, shared from the construction experience of Chinese medicine, collaborative base and assistant general training base, training content, diverse, gain The wide range of people will be praised. After the training, all students participated in the assessment, and the assessment passed the personnel training certificate. (Li Jiankeng) Source: Official Website, Ruikang Hospital, Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Editor: Chen Li Bing, Zhou Yule) Share more people see.

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