Outdoor Out of High School Examination

Far away from the Avocada, like Wonderland.

The Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Tourism, which is introduced to the tourism development company manager. The 36-year-old high smoke seedling also said that this model is in this model. He can only say that in this model, the villagers get The real benefit: last year is divided into more than 7,000 yuan. There is a need to introduce the Old Cape Village: The village was built in 1855, and has been a history of more than a hundred and sixty years since its establishment of the Honghe Hani Terrace World Cultural Heritage Region. If people here, such as life continuing for thousands of years, still live in the umbrella "Mushroom House" in the Tao Shek, Civil Structure. Come to the village, stand in front of the mushroom house, close to the mountain terraces, experience the original customs of the original, you will feel that there is a general. However, there is such a beautiful scenery, long-term due to the remote, single traditional planting mode and backward basic conditions, more than 60 more than 400 Hani people have always guarded the "green water Qingshan" Bitter day.

For the sake of livelihood, many young people in the village went out to work, up to 60 people. "To make the Hani people to keep the terraces and live a good day!" In order to crack the protection and development problem, Yuan Yung County invited the Shengyang University Tourism College to presented the "Osse" plan for the OAC. The main content is to establish a tourism development company, develop tourism products, and implement the tourism development model led by the internalized village collective enterprises, and the income is owned by the villagers. Since then, the tourism development company is divided into tourism dividends in the tourism dividend standards, and encourages villagers to protect traditional residents and continue to cultivate terraces and retain villagers.

Only when the villagers do protect their protection, they can get the proportion of protection.

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