Fully promote high quality development – two on Guiyang Gui’an to take the forefront of the forefront

High quality development is the distinctive characteristics and bright theme of my country’s economic development in the new era. It is an inevitable choice for Guiyang Gui’an Square.

Chen Yinqin, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, and the Director of the Provincial People’s Congress, in Guiyang City, Gui’an New District, Guiyang City, clearly requests: Gui’an New District, Guiyang City, to promote high-quality development, and calculate. Guiyang Gui’an all levels and the majority of cadres should further enhance the ideological consciousness of conscious political consciousness in high-quality development, dare to fight, and promote high quality development, better highlight Guiyang Gui’an The Advantages and Functions of "Train Head" "Engine" in the Province.

Fully promote high-quality development, pay close attention to industrial economy. The economic high-quality development, industrialization is the main force, the main battlefield, and the rim of the soldiers and the first square. Economic high quality development, accelerating the propulsion of new industrialization is the meaning of the question.

We must firmly establish the industrial strong market concept, focus on the manufacturing industry, focus on equipment manufacturing, mainly provide high-quality support for industrial, struggling to promote industrial in scale, structural optimization, technological innovation, industrial chain, project construction, Big breakthroughs in terms of platform support. Fully promote high quality development, pay close attention to digital economy. The digital economy is the global future development direction, and the high-quality development needs to promote new development kinetic energy with scientific and technological innovation and digital change. We must unswervingly drive big data strategic action, comply with the tendency of digital technology to reshape economic growth pattern, accelerate the promotion of digital industrialization, industrial digitalization, digital management, digital new infrastructure, data value, vigorously develop software and information service industry , Electronic information manufacturing, strive to build "China Valley", continue to open up digital economy new blue sea. Fully promote high quality development, pay close attention to the park economy.

The park is the main field of industry project construction, which is the main battlefield that promotes high quality development. We have to give full play to the main battlefield role of the national development zone in the new industrialization, promote the development of reform and innovation, promote the development of high quality and specialization in the park, and better play the economic development quality change, efficiency change. Power change and improve the role of total factor productivity.

Fully promote high-quality development, pay close attention to the building economy.

The building economy is an economic form that emerged in the process of intensive, capitalization and industrialization. It has an important role in the intensive use of land, develops and develops space, accumulate economic elements, promotes structural transformation, and realizes high quality development. We must strengthen the important unit of the building in the development of urban economic development, vigorously develop the headquarters economy, moving energy to space, to develop, and go out of a new way to develop a building economy.

Fully promote high quality development, pay close attention to the open economy.

High quality development, is not unopened. Only by opening the reform and innovation, the reverse energy can be converted, reshape the new advantages of the external open system mechanism, in order to inject new motivation in high quality development, add new vitality, expand new space.

We must adhere to the driving and opening up to promote high-quality development, further smooth open channels, build strong open platforms, continuously improve the city’s open level, promote greater range, wider field, deeper, higher levels. Open.

Fully promote high quality development, pay close attention to the ecological economy. Entering the high quality development stage, the support of the ecological environment is increasingly obvious.

We must deeply grasp the green mountains and green mountains are both natural wealth, ecological wealth is social wealth, the truth of economic wealth, and actively promote ecological industrialization, industrial ecologicalization, constantly doing green mountains, Yueshan, this big article, let green Shui Qingshan gives full play to economic and social benefits and promotes high quality development.

It is the mission that Guiyang You must pick up in promoting high quality development.

Let us take high quality development to truly internalize the way and behavioral habits, struggling to break out a more highlight of new development concept, more reflecting the new way to develop ideas in the people, leading the province’s high quality Develop a new bigger contribution.

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