Datong good goods appeared in "Qin Jin’s good" special live broadcast

  Datong Huanghua and so on good goods good goods appeared in CCTV "Qin Jin’s good" special live broadcast, 1 hour 55 minutes of live broadcast attracted nearly 300,000 netizens to watch orders.

Dangerous Huanghua sold more than 2,200 bags during live broadcast, with sales of more than 700,000 yuan.The person in charge of the Sanli Agricultural and Sideline Products Co., Ltd., Yunzhou District, said that their yellow-flowers is the first recommended high-quality agricultural product that is recommended on the evening. The live band is significant. Now online browsing, the number of inquiry is obviously rising, transactionThe amount is also rising all the way.The company will continue to increase product innovation research and development and deep processing and exploration efforts, go out of a "special" and "excellent" development path.On the same day, the special live broadcast recommended 19 kinds of good goods in Jacang, including Datong volcanic yellow-flowers, Yanmen Qing high organic black bitter tea, almond fruit no refreshing apricot, Yun Xiaoyan diamese combination6 products of 5 brands such as sandstastal cakes and almond cakes.

(Ma Jingbo Zhang Shi Jing).

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