Fragrance farmhouse hot ecological tour

  In the golden autumn, the beautiful scenery of Qingshan green water in Dunzhou District is picturesque, and there are mountains and tourists, and the National Day is celebrated in the green water in Qingshan. Yesterday morning, the sky floated, but the tourists in the pear wood scenic spot were still a lot. Everyone consciously wears a mask, the measurement temperature, bright "two yards", and enters the scenic spot.

In the rain, the mountain is greener, the water is clearer, and the air is clearer. Panshan Scenic Area launched a large-scale costume real performance "Panshan North Shaolin" and acrobatic interaction, flash dance performance show, under the pine-cursery, more vivid, exciting. Huang Yutuan Great Wall launched the non-legacy performance of the National Trend & Video Art Festival and Tianjin Comeds; the International Life Demonstration Zone of Ecological Education in Chunshan launched the riverside music festival and environmentally friendly sculpture art exhibition, and education through entertaining. Qingshan green water.

  Beautiful mountain village, fragrant farmhouse, National Day holiday, Jizhou Farmhouse has become the preferred place for many tourists. In the Maojiatun Village, Dear Town, the National Day holiday 4 days before the holiday of the National Day holiday, the daily tourists are around 10,000. The grass safflower’s Valentine’s Valley, the lush long life garden attracts tourists to watch.

In the village through the viewing river formed by the rain, black swan leisurely play, ornamental fish is fast, attracting tourists to take photos.

The lunch of the farmhouse is fragrant, and the food made of wild vegetables is more nutritious and healthy. The northernmost mountain village in Tianjin – the green hills in the Changzhou Village, and the beautiful mountains, and it is beautiful.

Relying on a good ecological environment, every household operates a farmhouse, a newly transformed residence is favored. Many homestands appearance shape, indoor comfortable and environmentally friendly, open the door, push the window to enjoy green, and intelligent services, have become "net red" card. Four days before the National Day holiday, Jizhou District received 10,000 visitors, and the tourism directly income billion, and the tourism comprehensive income billion. (Reporter Chen Zhongquan).

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