Explore "The source of belief" mission "

Recently, the All-Fighter, the Forest Fire Corps in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in the Saihanba team, walked into Saihanba Shanghai Memorial Forest, remembering the construction of the old agenda mechanical forest farm, exploring the "source of belief", inheriting "mission", The traction moved to the anti-division of party history and learning education. Shanghai Memorial Lin was the first party secretary Wang Shanghai, the first party secretary of the Sahanba Forest Farm, led cadres and workers to carry out the successful block of large-scale machinery afforestation in the dam on the dam, in 1964, in this hero forest per deciduous In the loose annual wheel, record the sweat and non-fear of afforestience, and it is the historical record of the re-dyed greenness of Saihanba, and the collective wisdom of Saihanba entrepreneurs.

Without this forest, there is no precious experience in the initial generation of afforestation, and there will be no more than 1.4 million mu of sautéed artificial forests in Saihanba. At the end of 1989, Comrade Wang Shanghai was from the world, according to the wish, his ashes was sprinkled on the land of the first mechanical afforestation, and this forest land was also named "Shanghai Memorial".

The warriors came to the monument to Monument to Monument with respect, and cherbed the construction of the first generation Saihanba forest.

After the entire surrounding environment, after the fresh flowers, all the guidelines pay attention to the stone statues of Comrade Wang Shanghai, listen to the glorious deeds of the ancestors of the ancestors, and deeply feel the good work style of the old agenda, patriotism, hard work, science, First-class hard work, mission is supreme, will be willing to give high quality.

Finally, the deployment of the Detachment Politics Zhao Yankun, the deputy director of the organization, all the party members revived in Shanghai Memorial, solemnly sworn in the forest sea. This visit to Shanghai Memorial Forest is an important part of the in Sehan Bail team to promote the education of party history.

In the event, all the guides were deeply moved by the "hard struggle, selfless dedication, pioneering innovation, scientific and truth-seeking, dedication, mission-to-earth", was deeply attached to the spirit of the revolution of their persistence. The glorious mission has a more in-depth experience and understanding, and it is said that it is necessary to take this visit to Shanghai Memorial Forest Activities, with the role model of the old generation of Xihanba, solidly promote the education of party history, and always do not forget the initial heart. , Hard work, based on their own position, faithfully fulfill their duties, not to defend the glorious mission of defending ecological civilization, and the whole body is invested in the next steps and team building development. (Bai Yichen, Huang Yan) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze).

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