Learn Lei Feng Volunteer Service Hand in hand with the grassroots double support

Before joining the army, he followed Guo Mingyi to learn Lei Feng. After joining the army, he drove active police officers around him to become a role model for comrades -in -arms. I can’t forget, the first time I saw Yu Siyang and Yu Sijia, the brothers and sisters were clear and longing.

  In January 2021, Sun Hongzhi used the opportunity to visit relatives in Anshan City, Liaoning Province, to visit the Shan District of Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County to visit and condolence. Entering Yu Siyang and Yu Sijia’s home of Dafang Town, Sun Hongzhi learned that their family had temporarily encountered life difficulties, so they took the initiative to contact the relevant departments to help their family built greenhouses.

  With the "National Moral Model" Guo Mingyi, he is also a man in Anshan. Affected by him, Sun Hongzhi has participated in Lei Feng volunteer service with his parents since elementary school. In recent years, he has participated in 67 loving book reading rooms and donated more than 30,000 books. Sun Hongzhi himself was commended by Anshan City, Liaoning Province as "Xiangshan Young", "Chongde to Good Young Young" and "Most Beautiful Volunteer". His family was rated "the most beautiful family in the country" and "five good families in the country". In August 2014, Sun Hongzhi learned from the news that the local 18 -year -old young man Zhu Jianhe’s father died in his early years. His mother did not have a fixed income. He himself unfortunately suffered from leukemia and was unable to bear expensive treatment costs. At that time, he was still a high school student. He immediately donated pocket money for many years, and mobilized the school’s teachers and students and social caring people. He raised nearly 300,000 yuan for Zhu Jianhe for the sale of newspapers and on -site donations. Unfortunately, there was a treatment fee, but Zhu Jianhe died due to sudden lung infection the day before the operation. In order to help more people, Sun Hongzhi, who was deeply touched, carefully considered, accompanied by his parents on September 25, 2014, and signed a volunteer book (organ) for free donation in the special institution. Organ) for medical research. In order to follow the footsteps of Guo Mingyi, a retired soldier, Sun Hongzhi applied for a military academy after graduating from high school. "The detachment promotes the tradition of supporting the people and loves the people, and has assisted local universities for military training and organizing blood donation for free. I am in the ranks of the" Red Army ", and I feel glory." Driven by Sun Hongzhi, more and more comrades around me joined the ranks of Lei Feng volunteer service.

  In recent years, the detachment has regularly carried out the "Red Army Heirman on the Road" activity, using the time of "Learning Lei Feng Memorial Day" and the establishment of the August 1st Army. Collective drive, personal initiative.

At the beginning of January this year, the soldier Li Wenhao took the initiative to serve as a volunteer for preventing and controlling the epidemic of new crown pneumonia during his vacation and won praise from the local people. I sincerely help Sun Hongzhi (second from left) often carry out book donation activities. The team establishes a caring bookstore in elementary schools of migrant workers, and often communicates with students to learn experience and shares growth perception.

Li Zhongju’s true nature of love is unchanged, and professional service primary and secondary school students have myopia to prevent and control the retired soldiers who are involved in loving eyes. Zhang Deyu Zhang Jiaqi "When you study, pay attention to reading and writing posture …" In many elementary and middle school campuses in Yibin City, Sichuan Province, one The young man with a low head and a low head explained to the students how to protect the vision.

His name was Li Qiancheng, who had served in a brigade of the 80th Army of the Army.

  In March of this year, the Ministry of Education deployed myopia prevention and control propaganda education and education activities with the theme of "scientific prevention and control of myopia and building a bright future". Yibin primary and secondary schools have carried out colorful activities, and Li Qiancheng was invited to teach counseling.

  Li Qiancheng, who joined the army in 2014, retired and returned to his hometown in 2019 after 5 years of military experience.

At that time, a news report on the vision of primary and secondary school students attracted his attention: the future of the country and nation of primary and secondary school students’ myopia prevention and control.

Helping primary and secondary school students to protect vision and become his efforts.

  Although the idea is good, I also encounter a lot of difficulties. For Li Qiancheng, who has just retired, he is not very good about the professional knowledge and market prospects of vision protection.

From scratch, Li Qiancheng started in -depth market surveys and learned the knowledge and status quo of the vision protection of primary and secondary school students. In just one year, he became a recognized expert in the industry.

  In early 2020, Li Qiancheng suffered a new crown pneumonia.

In order to help prevent and control the epidemic in primary and secondary schools, Li Qiancheng changed its money to raise money, donated more than 100,000 masks for many primary and secondary schools in Yibin City, and carried out online eye protection courses to popularize the knowledge of vision protection for primary and secondary school students through live broadcast methods. "Thank you Uncle …" A girl held her glasses in her hands and thanked Li Qiancheng.

This scene occurred on the day of December 2020, Li Qian became the visual screening of students in Songjia Town Central Elementary School in Sanjiang New District, Yibin City.

The girl who is studying in the 6th grade is very good at academic performance. She said to Li Gancheng with high myopia: "Uncle, I don’t want to do a check.

Behind the good -faith lie is a sad story: the girl’s mother was born with disabilities, and the family had a meager income. She couldn’t bear to spend a few hundred yuan with a pair of glasses.

After understanding, Li Qiancheng free of charge for her optometry. To help more students like her, Li Qiancheng donated a number of vision health supplies for the school for free.

  Last winter, Li Qiancheng organized students to test vision at the rural campus in Lizhuang Town, Yibin City.

Knowing that there were 15 left -behind children in the school, they immediately donated them to school supplies and daily necessities, and said they would continue to pay attention to assistance. According to the relevant leaders of the Yibin City Education and Sports Bureau, as of now, Li Qiancheng and colleagues have provided free vision screening for more than 20 primary and secondary schools in the city and a total of more than 60,000 students, and organized nearly a hundred times to teach counseling. Take care of Li Qiancheng (standing) and public welfare partners in many primary schools in Yibin City, Sichuan Province to carry out "Eye Eye Classrooms" public welfare activities. Through teaching guidance, students can guide students to master healthy eye knowledge. Zhang Xiaojing’s participation is support. The person in charge of the community "eight hours away" was also busy military volunteers in the community ■ Xiao Jianyong Li Guotao Sun Meng on March 2nd, the night fell.

Luo Yanan, who walked out of the office, did not go home directly, but came to a army of a army with two volunteers. "Uncle Liu, you shook his head, blinked, and opened your mouth again … Uncle Liu, you looked at the mobile phone, and he heard the" click "and took a shot!" As soon as Luo Yanan opened the door of Uncle Liu’s house, he opened the mobile phone page to help He conducts e -certification for urban and rural residents’ endowment insurance. Luo Yanan is a military sister. He is currently the secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Ambassador Committee of the Aimin Community Party Committee and Director of the Residence Committee, Qifeng Street, Hosi -Hezhi District, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province.

Due to the adjustment of the troops, her husband exchanged to the Yichang Army Division of Hubei Province more than 1,800 kilometers away in 2017, and she provoked the burden of her family alone. In 2020, her father died of illness, and her mother was seriously ill for a long time. When she was lacking, the volunteer stretched out her help.

"There are difficulties to find volunteers, and have time to be volunteers." Luo Yanan, who was carried by volunteers, said that as the secretary of the community party committee and director of the neighborhood committee, "participation is support."

Since then, she has also become a community volunteer. "The city’s 2022 urban and rural resident pension insurance electronic certification is coming to end, but some elderly soldiers and retired veterans who do not use smartphones and retirement veterans will not be certified.

"Luo Yanan learned of this situation, and contacted several volunteers in the community that night to help these soldiers and retired veterans replenishing the elderly certified electronic information according to the information provided by the retired military affairs department.

  From Uncle Liu’s house, Luo Yanan ran eight soldiers and retired soldiers. There were no elevators in these old buildings. Luo Yanan was busy upstairs and downstairs until 9 o’clock in the evening before he dragged his tired body home. In order to better carry out military service, the community where Luo Yanan is located to open the service hotline of the army, and organize community volunteers to set up a team of support for the army. Volunteers will give assistance immediately. Due to physical reasons, Ma Rongshan, a retired soldier in the community, did not work after retirement. Relying on a few hundred yuan a month, he took the initiative to apply for a subsistence allowance. The new crown pneumonia epidemic happened the previous year. Luo Yanan brought a class for more than 4 hours a night to provide services for 10 buildings in the community, 40 troops households, and 749 households in the community. She often goes to the night shift and then in the white class. In a few days, she turned the axis. After half a month, she was thin and her face was dark. The husband serves the community from the military country.

In 2020, her family was rated as "the most beautiful anti -epidemic family" by the National Women’s Federation of China; in 2021, she personally was named "Outstanding Communist Party Member of Liaoning Province".

The community where Luo Yanan (second from left) is located is the "three beauty" communities recognized by the masses. Usually, she often cares for the elderly in the community with volunteers and help them. Shao Tianliang was taken.

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