Fuzhou Lianjiang Procuratorate: Judicial Rescue Temperature Prosecutor

Site of rescue gold issuance ceremony. At the picture of Lianjiang Procuratorate, recently, at the judicial rescue gold distribution ceremony of Lianjiang County Procuratorate in Fuzhou City, Huang Mou, the victim’s family, tightly grabbed the prosecutor’s hand.

It turned out that Huang was the daughter of Chen Chen, a victim of a traffic accident. An accident not only made his mother Chen lose labor ability, but also worse that he could only lie in bed, and he could only rely on yellow all day long. The care of a certain nanny maintained a basically survival, which made the unhappy family "worsening the snow".

Originally, the medical care and nursing expenses could be briefly maintained through the compensation of the perpetrator, but due to the economic constraints and poverty of the accident, the borrowing of money was unable to repay the compensation. In this case of traffic accidents, the contradiction between the two parties was difficult to mediate. The perpetrator was unable to repay the compensation, and the victim’s urgent need for treatment costs.

According to the judicial procedures, the procuratorial organs complained about the case. Of course, it is in line with procedural justice, but it is still difficult for the two parties. Lianjiang County Procuratorate attaches great importance to the two parties to the two parties, understand the family conditions of both parties through multiple channels, sort out the crux of the problem for both parties, re -build a bridge of communication, and actively promote the resolution of the contradiction between the two parties. A certain injury applied for Chen’s judicial assistance for 30,000 yuan and applied to the Fuzhou Procuratorate of 100,000 yuan. In addition, he also helped the victim Chen Mou to Lianjiang Red Cross and Lianjiang Charity Chief. A total of 20,000 yuan for rescue funds will be applied to solve the follow -up treatment problems of the victim Chen.

Recently, the Nanmen Village Committee where the Lianjiang County Procuratorate lived in the Nanmen Village Committee where the victim Chen lived held a judicial rescue deposit ceremony. Wu Meijian, a member of the party group and deputy prosecutor of the Lianjiang County Procuratorate, issued a rescue fee to Huang, and asked Chen Mou’s’s’s’s. In the recent situation, Huang thanked him again and again, and gave the prosecutor a banner of "judicial assistance to warm people’s hearts". In order to consolidate and strengthen the effects of judicial assistance, at the meeting, Wu Meijian’s leaders of the party committee of Matan Town, and the main leaders of Nanmen Village communicated and coordinated Chen’s subsequent living conditions. Village cadres stated that they will continue to pay attention to Chen’s follow -up living conditions, give help in a timely manner, and affirm the contribution of the procuratorial organs to resolve the contradiction between the two parties, solve the problems of the masses, and make the village and towns harmonious and stability.

The "Judicial Rescue Warm Heart" flag is an affirmation of judicial assistance work in Lianjiang County Procuratorate. It is also the driving force for the Lianjiang County Procuratorate to adhere to the original intention and do a good job of mass work. The Lianjiang County Procuratorate will continue to implement the "three more" Concepts, let the people feel fairness and justice and judicial temperature in each judicial case.

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