The gentle "big white" in "Xiaobei": They welcome new lives in the isolated courtyard area

  Older, high -risk, and threatened maternal -related mothers in the emergence.

After being transferred to "Xiaobei", the medical staff quickly organized consultations, put on protective clothing, entered the operating room, and helped mothers safely produce … Xiabei isolation in Shenyang Maternal and Infant Hospital, which is called "Xiaobei" by many pregnant women In the courtyard district, protecting life and welcome life is the theme here.

As of April 25, "Xiaobei" has been diagnosed with more than 300 pregnant women -related mothers, and more than 60 new lives have been born here. The "Dabai" of "Xiaobei" used respect and responsibility to life to ensure the health and safety of Shencheng’s pregnant women in the immune -related maternity.

  Fighting six days to build a quarantine hospital area "Welcome everyone to go home safely, you have worked hard!" On April 18th, the first batch of medical team members of the Xiaibei Isolation Hospital of Shenyang City Women’s and Infant Hospital ended, and Sun Yang, the dean of Shenyang Maternal and Baby Hospital, Xiao respects all the team members.

  At the beginning of March this year, after the new round of epidemic in Shencheng, Shenyang Maternal and Infant Hospital accepted a special task -providing disease treatment and delivery for mothers -related maternals.

At this time, a severe problem was in front of the hospital -the hospital was a unique building and could not set up an independent isolation hospital area.

In order to find a suitable medical site in a short period of time, Sun Xiao led the team to inspect the site of 8 hospitals on the spot, and finally determined that the Xiaobei hospital was rented as a isolated hospital area for the treatment of immune -related mothers. At this time, the Xiaobei Hospital has been discontinued for two years. In order to meet the standards of the isolated hospital area, the hospital organized logistical support, hospital feelings and other staff to enter the renovation overnight. , Material transportation, environmental cleaning and disinfection.

  "Nurse, I can keep going" "Captain of Nurses, I don’t have to rest, I can always go.

"The nurse of the five ward of the Municipal Maternal and Baby Hospital and the Communist Party member Guo Jiajun’s mobile phone has always kept this conversation. This is the post -90s nurse Dong Xiaoying of the post -90s ward.

She has repeatedly participated in the work of the hospital’s isolation ward. After applying for the first batch of settled in the small north isolation hospital, Dong Xiaoying has settled daily supplies with a wealth of prevention and control experience, and marked in accordance with the order of use.

  A warm ward nurse and Communist Party member Ding Yuling quickly settled in the small north isolation courtyard after arranging the elderly and children at home. As an old party member of the 13 -year -old party, she said: "Every day we work in a full set of protective equipment. After a shift, sweat wet clothes, shaking hands and soft feet. But watching the lively and cute ‘ Xiao Beiwa was very satisfied with his heart.

"The isolated courtyard area ushered in" Little Beiwa "and" Little Beiwa No. 10 "weighing 2920 grams! "This is the 10th babies who led the team in the third ward of the Shenyang Maternal and Infant Hospital. … After a series of inspections, Ms. Zhang’s situation is really dangerous, and Liu Qun performs decisively cesarean section surgery.

After 1 hour and 40 minutes, a baby boy was born, and his mother and child were safe.

  "The patient we face is a maternal -related maternal -related maternal, which requires us to do both our own protection and protect the mother and newborn.

I still remember that when our Xiaobei wasolation courtyard welcomed the first newborn, we told the mother that we gave the baby a nickname ‘Xiao Beiwa No. 1’. I hope that the baby is healthy and safe during the growth process.

"Liu Qun said. As of the press release on April 25, more than 300 mothers -related maternal -oriented women in the Xiaibei Women’s and Infant Hospital of Shenyang City had been diagnosed, and 43 cases of cesarean section were completed, 18 cases of normal delivery, and 18 cases of normal delivery, and 9 cases of other obstetrics and gynecology surgery. +1.

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