The Chu Cai Museum of Wuhan Business School was selected into the national science popularization education base

Chutian Metropolis Daily News (Reporter Wang Yuan Correspondent Yi Xianyong Zhang Siyuan) The first batch of identification lists of the national popular science education base from 2021-2025 was announced recently, and the Chu Cai Museum of Wuhan Business School was selected.

It is understood that the Chu Cai Museum of Wuhan Business School was completed in May 2017. It is currently the only cooking and catering culture museum in Hubei, and it is also an important window for Chu cuisine cooking and food culture. The Chu Cai Museum shows the historical development of Chu cuisine in Hubei, the flavored school, famous cuisine, famous food and drinking equipment, and food appliances, such as time and space. The dragon -patterned sand dumplings, Cai Linji, and four seasons of dietary utensils donated by Hubei well -known dietary vessels in Hubei. The Chu Cai Museum will also regularly invite cooking masters to organize a series of courses such as non -relics, Chu Cai cooking production, tea culture themes, etc., which are popular with students and citizens.

Since the opening of the museum, the Chu Cai Museum has received nearly 50,000 visitors, including Princess Anne, the British royal family, Princess Swari Narwari, Thai royal family, and Hilvi Picirilo, chairman of the International Military Sports Association.

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