Director of The Man Who Was Captured by Light: This is a romance about adults

Director of “The Man Who Was Captured by Light”: This is a romance about adults
“The Man Who Was Taken by the Light” (until the deadline) was released on December 13 and currently has a box office of more than 65 million yuan. The film is a debut by Dong Runnian. He changed from a screenwriter to a director.The type is reasonable.Dong Runnian has created movies with good reputation at the box office in the past, such as “Old Cannon” and “Heart Blossoming”, but this time he decided to go to the critical point of self-expression and audience thinking. He has a class of acting skillsActors who guarantee and have a certain box office appeal, also decide to explore the boundaries of creation and market with new types.”We should not only have a movie that pursues a sense of coolness and vent, but also hope that there is another kind of movie that can be discussed rationally with the audience to form a reflection on certain profound topics, find the most authentic self, and then face life.”Dong Runnian told the sauna, Yewang. They expected that the film would be subject to controversy and discussion long before the film was released. Some people liked it and some people didn’t like it.”He even regarded this creation as an exploration: “I am very grateful to investors for supporting this exploration. This is not a commercial type film. They encouraged me not to worry too much about the market, as a creator to express sincerely and make a sinceremovie of.Investors also hope to explore the boundaries of the market through this film.”If the creation is a love movie, it is also found that the true love story of adults” The Man Who Was Captured by Light “was discovered by a magical light that shrouded the city, and captured all the people who fell in love.Face the story of yourself.As early as 2013, Dong Runnian had this idea.In the early stories, there were spaceships and aliens with possible gimmicks: spaceships larger than the moon were suspended in the sky, and people on the ground could even hold telescopes to see people caught in the spaceship.But when I wrote it later, I discovered that at this gradual step, the final ending of the script often becomes how we can rescue the people in the spaceship.He feels that this is not a question he really wants to express. “I actually want to discover the true heart and humanity of human beings under the extreme of science fiction. When all lies and pride are destroyed, everyone will become something.”So he decided to remove the sci-fi gimmicks of spaceships, use a beam of light to define the boundary between love and unlove, and force those who were left into the” love vacuum zone. “Dong Runnian said, “The love story in the movie is based on love in the real world.If this movie is to be defined as a romance, I would rather say it is a romance about adults.Adult love is not as idealized as love in idol dramas. It replaces many interests, desires and prejudices. There are many real entanglements, full of doubt and self-doubt, and even control of desire.Some people say that the middle-aged couple Huang Bo and Tan Zhuoyan have no love but only affection.In fact, I think this is also a prejudice.Anyone has a need to love and be loved.It’s just that many times we don’t notice it ourselves, but we are subconsciously looking for it.Just like the martial arts played by Huang Bo, he is actively looking for a way out and answers before finally seeing what he thinks in his heart.”The performance shows the purest acting skills under the calm lens. The courage of the actor makes people move to mention Huang Bo. Everyone can’t help but have the comedy images he created on the screen.Huang Bo believes that in “The Man Who Was Captured by the Light”, he entered a deeper level, more three-dimensional, and more restrained.Dong Runnian also believes that the film and even the lens are particularly restrained, the narrative rhythm is relatively calm, there is no great drama conflict and great joy, and pure creation shows real life and real people.”Now we commend an actor for always saying that his acting is bursting and there is a strong dramatic performance.But there is also a good performance for creators and actors, which is to present the true colors of life.I am very grateful to these actors for putting down their auras of stars to shape the characters of these most humble ordinary people.In fact, this story criticizes and reflects on each character, not just showing their positive image.It takes a lot of courage for actors to shape such a role, to express the normal people’s psychology, and the dark side of emotions is a difficult challenge.”Dong Runnian said that all actors don’t care about the image-building characters. Without too many crying and bursting confrontations to show their acting skills, through the backs, the eyes and the tiny expressions, the characters are shaped into the most real state.Interview with the director: Bai Guang is actually a life sauna night net: In the film, you use news reports and expert physics theory to explain the theory of “light captures people who are in love”. Are there any reference materials for scientific theory?Dong Runnian: In fact, many theories of modern science are beyond our intuitive feelings in reality.Because of the length and acceptance of the audience, I did not describe this in depth.But light as a science fiction concept has its origin. It is not the light itself that takes people away, but the encounter between the earth and other dimensions of space debris, causing someone to enter other dimensions. Light is actually the light emitted by the annihilation of high-dimensional space debris.High-dimensional space is the concept of string theory.In fact, Liu Cixin also mentioned a similar concept in “Three Body 3”. I am a senior sci-fi fan, and I have no pressure to accept this theory.But in the final analysis, light is still a metaphor.Sauna Night Net: You said that Huang Bo once held a script and talked to you a few times. What is his suggestion?Dong Runnian: Teacher Huang Bo made many suggestions.Not only for the character of Wu Literature, but also for the entire script.He communicated some of his life perceptions, including his observations of middle-aged people, and we also integrated many of these things into this role.Many suggestions were added at the stage of the script, so in the actual shooting, our understanding of the characters will be very consistent, and the shooting will be very smooth.Sauna Night Net: You once lamented that you are lucky, you have a large number of good actors in the debut film, what is your status on the set?Dong Runnian: I just communicated my ideas with the actors directly on the scene. What we really want is tonality.Because all the actors used the script and characters to unify their understanding in the early stage, the communication efficiency on the spot was very high.In terms of performance details, I trust Huang Bo, Tan Zhuo, Wang Luodan and other good actors.Usually, the first one or two of the shooting I become an actor fully free to use his ideas and understanding. If there is any mismatch with the overall temperament during the process, I will discuss together what needs to be changed in the following performance, in a certain wayRender.Sauna Night Net: How was the climax scene shot when drinking?Dong Runnian: The scene of eating was actually very smooth.I was worried about this scene before, because it was a heavy scene, with many roles. This scene does not mean that the protagonist and the protagonist are in place. If the other people ‘s drama is not good and the whole is not true, the whole scene will fall.At that time, many preparations were made. The actors in that scene have found very good professional actors. Teacher Cao Bingkun himself is a good actor of the protagonist level. Other supporting actors have even made protagonists in some smaller movies.Everyone came to the scene, eat and drink, and really drink a little wine, almost everyone entered the real life state, and then went to shoot.The final result is very good.Sauna Night Net: There are a lot of emotions and inner emotions in the film. When you shoot it, you actually overcome challenges.Dong Runnian: When sorting out the tidbits, we found that the whole drama is not much NG.For the fluency of the actor’s emotions, our shooting style will still try to perform the whole scene.Even if there are some lines, the positioning is a little incorrect, unless there is a special unexpected situation that must be stopped, otherwise the actor will complete the entire performance.I am particularly grateful to these good actors this time. They have good acting and character, and have done enough homework for the characters.My relationship with the actors also got along very well.Sauna Night Net: What are the reasons for multi-line narrative?What do you want to express through these stories?Dong Runnian: I chose multi-line narrative from the beginning.I always think that it is about love on the surface, but it is still showing humanity, how to find the real self, the process of facing the real self, what is the truth of the relationship between people, and the modern society.Alienation of human relations.It is difficult to present this theme if only one of the lines is spoken, so it must be multi-line narrative.What I want to express through these stories is that there are actually a lot of subtle complexities in human nature. We can’t avoid them, we can only find them, face them, and overcome them, in order to truly gain inner peace and happiness.Sauna Night Net: The film space is limited, but I feel you still have many stories to tell. If you are given enough time, how many lines will you design?Dong Runnian: Four lines are enough.These lines have their own expectations. The role of Huang Bo represents those who are happy in marriage but the love has faded. The role of Wang Luodan talks about those who have lost love, young and youngOne group represents people who are experiencing fanatical love. Bai Ke is the marginal love of marginal characters . They represent the views of different ages and different classes of people on love.There was a version of more than 150 minutes before. In fact, that version replaced the characters of each group more calmly and adequately.But that time was not very friendly to the audience in the cinema.Of course, I have to take things out for various reasons.I hope that if I have a chance in the future, I will release some reduced tidbits and explain these things more thoroughly.Sauna Nightnet: Why didn’t the end go where the disappeared people went?Are they really not coming back?Dong Runnian: Bai Guang, the disappeared person is a metaphor.White light is actually life.When we were young, we had many friends, close people, and first love. At that time, we were inseparable from them. You will feel that we will be together forever, and we sincerely believe this.But walking down the path of human growth, you now stop and look back, you may find that you do n’t even have that person ‘s contact information, and you ca n’t find them anymore.These people are not equivalent to those who have been taken away by light, have they disappeared completely in your life?This is how life is like, and reality often does not give us answers.Probably because of this, we are so eager to have an answer to everything.Director Dong Runnian on the set of “The Man Who Was Taken by the Light”.Sauna Nightnet: “The Man Who Was Taken by the Light” is not a carnival movie. The camera is very restrained. Do you think it is not very friendly to the market?Dong Runnian: We are so unhappy with the family (laughs). In fact, at the beginning, both the investors and the creators were very clear that this would be a relatively literary author movie, hoping to arouse the audience’s thinking and arouse everyone’s complicated viewing experience, Is not to please the audience’s traditional love can be realized.At the beginning, we considered that there will be controversy after the release, some people like it and some people don’t like it.I am very grateful to the investors for supporting this exploration. This is not a commercial type film. They encouraged me not to worry too much about the market, as a creator to express sincerely and make a sincere film.Investors also hope to explore the boundaries of the market through this film. Sauna Night Net: What do you want to shoot next?Will they join forces with Huang Bo again?Dong Runnian: What I want to make next is actually a commercial type movie.There are a few ideas that are currently developing scripts, comedy, action, and science fiction. Look at it first and then shoot it.This cooperation with Mr. Huang Bo gave me great support and a sense of security. With him beside me, I was indeed able to let go and boldly follow my own ideas, and learned a lot from him.So I hope there will be more opportunities to cooperate with him in the future, whether it is his play or my play.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school against Wu Xingfa

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