Because of being too fat,The five senses of this person are crowded together,Can’t tell what it looks like,Gives the impression of being ridiculous and clumsy。

A sergeant of Thunder Team shouted:“You can’t move?Do you know this and bird pillar?”
Fatty doesn’t know who is the principal here,Saw the sergeant speak,Said to the sergeant:“How do you call a fellow Taoist?My name is laojun,This pillar is called the Demon Domain Tiantong Zhu,The portal connecting the starry sky and the demon domain,Moved this pillar,The big demon little demon from the demon domain ran over。”
“Old man?”Lei Tianzi’s heart moved,He seems to have heard of this name,I think about it but I have no impression,This is the first time I have heard of the name of Tiantongzhu,I have no impression before。
The sergeant who spoke to him had no idea,He is just a soldier,I was too scared to say anything,Just when he wanted to push Lei Tianzi to the front desk,But got the voice transmission instructions from Emperor Lei,The sergeant lifted up,Said:“Hello old man,My name is Wang Dang,Excuse me, who erected this pillar?”
This time Lao Jun is not so good to talk,Lao Jun suddenly looked up at Lei Tianzi,Said:“Are you their leader?”
Tianzi Lei knows at a glance,This is the sound transmission to Wang Dang just now and was found by Lao Junjue,Laojun’s strength is unfathomable,This person can’t be underestimated,He nodded hurriedly and said:“Yes,Tell me what’s the matter!”
“As long as you don’t move this and the pillar, it’s okay。”Lao Jun stared at Lei Tianzi while talking,Suddenly came out:“Are you the son of Lei?”
“Do you know Emperor Lei?”Lei Tianzi was shocked,He belongs to the cultivator after rebirth,I only remembered being the top powerhouse in the Thunder Star Domain before,As for being reborn after being killed by someone,I have a vague impression in my mind,Not too sure,He explored in the stars,I also want to find the Thunder Sky Domain,By then,Revenge for revenge,Definitely settle the previous favor debt。
But he has not found the Thunder Sky Domain,I almost forgot about it。
“I do not know you。”Laojun’s expression changed,The body becomes dimmed in an instant,Lei Tianzi understood in his heart,What human eyes see is an afterimage of Lao Jun,He himself has left here,The spell used by this old man is very powerful,It’s not much better than the space-traveling performance in the hands of Emperor Lei。
Pang Duo hurried over,Holding Lei Tianzi’s arm,Only then did I find that my husband’s body was trembling slightly,Suddenly realized that it was very bad,Send a jade slip message to Baoling immediately,Let Baoling’s wife come and see,After all, Pang Duoer doesn’t know much about Lei Tianzi’s past。
Baoling is in a new star castle behind,It only took two interest to arrive after receiving the news。
Pang Duoer lost a divine sense to Baoling to explain what happened just now,Then ask Baoling about Lei Tianzi’s past,Baoling smiled bitterly,Chuanyin said:“I met my husband halfway through,About the past,Don’t understand,Is that old man very powerful??”
“The realm of cultivation is above me。”Pang Duoer said discouragedly。
Baoling’s expression stunned,Chuan Ling said:“You all go back!A bunch of waste。”
Baoling has always been a carefree person,Speak unscrupulously,This sentence scolded all the sergeants on the scene,Many people have anger on their faces,But dare not treat Baoling,Today’s Baoling is not only high in authority,And her son Lei Xiang and daughter Lei Yuanyuan are both strong,Bi Di Jun、Chundi and Chunhe are a hundred times more powerful。

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