So Jin Zhun gritted his teeth,Let the two daughters who have just become survivors,Jin Yueguang and Jin Yuehua went to the palace to take care of Liu Yuan。

The two women are very beautiful,How can Liu Yuan hold it??The second daughter quickly took care of Liu Yuan’s bed,Jin Zhun took the opportunity to suggest Liu Yuan,Serving Luoyang temporarily,Stop the attack,At the same time, let Liu Yao go out of Taiyuan,Stop the Jin army’s offensive。
Liu Yuanyan, who has been taken care of and softened,In order to increase the bargaining chip,Jin Zhun also threatened the king of East China Sea, who had already become emperor, to take the title of emperor,And tied him to the King of Hejian,Sent to the Jin army,This trick,Suddenly caused a huge shock in Luoyang。
Sima Yao is still hesitating to accept,Aristocratic families have already written books,Say this is a great time to dominate the world,Accept Liu Yuan’s surrender,Not only can reduce casualties,You can also show your majesty’s kindness,Sima Xiao was moved,Expressed willingness to accept Liu Yuan’s conditions of surrender。
Yang Pingfan and others come from later generations,Naturally, I know that Liu Yuan is an unfamiliar white-eyed wolf,Is the real disaster of the Central Plains,The so-called surrender is nothing more than a delay,Wait for him to recover,Will definitely re-emerge the Central Plains,So I wrote to Sima Hu,Require weeding and rooting,Completely solve this scourge。
“What do you think,I really don’t worry about these hustle members,Conquer Lishi City,Completely solve the problem,Might be a bad idea。”
Luoyang Palace,In a side hall,Sima Yao sits on top,Standing below,He is the head of a few generations,And Zhang Bin, who has been on Sima’s side since Yecheng,Besides,Hanmen official,not a single one。
Wang Dun, who stood in front of the group of officials, did not directly answer Sima Xiao’s question,Instead asked another question,“What do your Majesty think of Master Taishi?”
The corner of Sima’s eye twitched slightly,Shen Sheng:“Taishi Wenwuquan,Bogutongjin,Really banished,I can revitalize Dajin,Great Master’s contribution。”
After listening to Sima Xiao,Wang Dun smiled slightly,Winked at Xie An beside。
“Neither nor,”Xie An shook his head,“His Majesty,Although Master Taishi is supernatural,But not a fairy。”
“Oh?how do I say this?”
“The immortal would not have such an extraordinary opinion on the bedside matters,”

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