I only need to hear her voice now,Just feel sick。

“Ran for a day today,I’m a little tired。”I said very calmly。
Zhou Rui dumb。
estimate,She couldn’t think of it,What I want to say is to ask her to hang up。
“that,Unexpectedly,You rest early。”Zhou Rui finished,Hung up。
I know,She is angry now。
If you change to the usual,I will call back as soon as possible,Until I make her happy。
But now me,I want to hung up the phone,Then look at the couple,Did you do anything nasty today!
I can’t wait to turn on the phone monitoring,Set the time to nine o’clock this morning。
Screen display on mobile phone,A soft knock on the door。
Subsequently,Uncle Wu walked over and opened the door。
then,Zhou Rui carrying vegetables in her hand,Appeared on the phone screen。
Chapter Thirty Nine one room
I took the headphones out of my bag,Stuffed in ears,Staring at the screen。
“He said next week that he is going on a business trip。”Zhou Rui said。

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