A broken blade rushed out of the Dayin Temple,Flying to the towering mountains。
This is a kind of red fruit。
There is a Buddhist sound in the Great Leiyin Temple。
then,On the opposite side of the towering mountains,A turquoise meadow appeared,The middle of the grass,There are also two ancient Suolo trees side by side。
Old tree,Hanging golden fruits。
Under the old tree,A sleeping golden lion slowly opened its eyes。
Golden lion growls!
Ten thousand golden lights rushed out of the Great Leiyin Temple,A sun seems to rise in the dark night,The entire Da Leiyin Temple is bathed in golden light。
“It’s Fo Guang!”
“I saw Shuangshu!That’s in the sky‘Elysium’The pure land??”
“What is that towering mountain?”
Buddhism believers saw the phantom in the midair of Da Lei Yin Temple,Are shocked by this scene。
And at the same time,The Buddhist gate of Da Leiyin Temple opens wide。
A monk in golden robes walked out of the Buddhist monk,Behind him,Followed by eighteen golden arhats with golden light all over。
“Is the Buddha!!!”
“Buddha walked out of Da Leiyin Temple!”

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