“You do it,Hongna and Little Snake Spirit deal with immortal cultivators during the solid foundation period,I pack the rest。”Tianzi Lei immediately assigned the objects to fight,So as not to find the wrong opponent。

The begging organization is also measuring the strength of Lei Tianzi,I think it’s just that,Did not negotiate and communicate,Armed with sacrifices,Plan to kill all Lei Tianzi。
The strength of the beggar is obviously high,Tianzi Lei temporarily summoned Yihua to assist Hongna and the snake spirit,In the struggle of the immortal cultivators during the solid foundation period, they used the method of three-on-two,As for those who are strong in the period of pill locking, they can only be handed to Zuo Yan。
Those beggars in the spirit receiving period and the condensing period are respectively provided by Sinan Sui、Su Qingmu、Su Ting Win、Hu Hu、Yuan Li、Qiao Huiru and others next,This time,Emperor Lei doesn’t plan to shoot directly,But as a commander,Control the whole battle。
Zuo Yan and the supreme beggar organization are worried that the battle between them will affect their own people.,Rise in the air by coincidence,Attack each other in mid-air,And the higher the fight,At last*Entered the clouds to fight。
Five immortal cultivators headed by Hong Na imitated masters,Fight under the clouds,Hong Na and Xiao Snake Essence are both the second level of the solid foundation period.,The flower transfer practice progress is relatively slow,Only two promotion levels in the past two years,It is now the third level of the solid foundation period。
Hongna’s combat effectiveness is not high,God eye can leapfrog challenge,She was entangled alone with a solid base stage fifth-grade master holding a giant axe,Whenever encountered danger,God’s eyes emit a red light like lightning to knock back the opponent,After the two sides have opened the distance,Hong Na hurriedly took a pill to replenish the energy consumed,The fifth-grade master of the solid foundation stage can’t help Hongna for a time,If he gets too close, he will be seriously injured,Can only rely on high levels to conduct war of attrition。
The battle scenes between Little Snake Spirit and Yihua are weird,The little snake spirit sometimes changes into a huge body like a dragon,Sometimes become chopstick-sized for assassination,It turns the battle into a fun game,Yihua’s figure is erratic, making it hard to understand the direction of the attack,Stop another solid base stage five master。
The following is the battle of the immortal cultivators in the spiritual phase,They all drove the aircraft to fight at a position ten meters above the ground。
The rest are three young men and women of the performers,No one cares about them at this time,These three also know that their cultivation is shallow,I’ll stand by,Open your mouth and watch the trapeze kill and kill。
Su Qingmu is the strongest fighter in the spiritual phase,It’s the cultivation base of the Ninth Stage,But the rank of the magical artifact in his hand is a bit weak,Carrying a middle-grade magic weapon and sword given to him by Lei Tianzi,A sword is like a flying fairy,Cold light,Take a man with a spear in his hand,The man’s hand is a high-grade magic weapon,Facing Su Qingmu very confidently。
Su Tingwen’s fighting power is second only to his father Su Qingmu,The big knife in his hand glows half a foot long,A person is entangled with two beggars who are in the spiritual stage,Offensive and defensive,Kill it all at once。
Hu Hu offered an euphorbia 20 meters long,He likes this weapon which is very famous in history,Lu Bu in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms uses a halberd,Hu Hu must regard himself as Lu Bu back then,A menacing blow,Pierced the throat of a spiritual practitioner,Pride came suddenly,Yelling and yelling,Then he fought with two immortal cultivators from the second stage of the spiritual phase。
Yuan Li is more stable,Picked a woman of the same realm to fight,She also has the best magic weapon in her hand,Ding ding dong dang dang dang up and down,Has always had the upper hand,Weapons but no lethality,She is not in danger for the time being。
Si Nansui has no experience in fighting people either,Mainly never killed,Can’t be cruel,It’s like fighting against the opponent,Come and go and play very lively,But never hurt the enemy,This shows that Si Nansui’s strength still has some reservations,Can do well in battle。
Qiao Huiru’s heart is harder than Sinan Sui,In three rounds, he opened the opponent’s man’s arm with a blood hole,The two sides exchange two moves,Cut off another leg of the opponent,Just when the opponent screamed,Fly out,Gave the enemy a chill。

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