“No one answered,Can satisfy you?”

“If there is,I won’t be here anymore,Isn’t it?”The old man makes tea on his own,Not a little bit ashamed at all。
“Ha ha,Three hundred years,You rely on incarnation to resolve loneliness,but,Don’t you think this life is too monotonous?If i remember well,You only have green tea here?”Yan Ruyu looked at the tea in front of Lao Dao,He remembers the old saying,No black tea。
“no,I still have black tea。”Old-fashioned,A bubble of black tea appeared on the tea table。
“I……”Yan Ruyu was stuck in her heart and couldn’t spit it out,But the surface is calm:“I just asked if you have black tea,Don’t you say no?”
“I told you no,Doesn’t mean there is really no。”The old way takes it for granted。
“and so,You can only drink tea all the time?Can’t eat grains,Can’t taste a hundred birds,What is the difference between being alive and dead?”Yan Ruyu thinks he has to brighten his sword。
One‘Obsession’Actually show superiority in front of me,This is really unbearable!
“Do not,I can also grill,Ok hot pot,You can also fry steak,As long as i want,I can do anything,Including women。”When the old way comes to the end,The corner of his mouth also showed an expression that a man understands。
“You really are……Pretty good at playing。”Yan Ruyu helplessly spread his hands。
He is still young。
This old way,More shameless than he thought,Still old-fashioned!
“young people,The road is still long,Try slowly,Never give up!Not this time,come back next time,The way back is there,You can think about it again。”The old way seems to see Yan Ruyu’s embarrassment,Smiling and pointing at the winding path in the distance。
“If i don’t leave?”Yan Ruyu glanced at the surrounding clouds。
“up to you,But if you stay here,Might die。”Old Taoist wave,The black tea in front of me disappeared again,The pot of green tea is still on the stone table。
“will die?”Yan Ruyu didn’t believe it。
“Forgot to say,Here is a‘real world’,in other words,Here the time flow rate and‘outside’it’s the same。”Old Tao seems to see the unbelief in Yan Ruyu’s eyes,Casually explained。
“The flow of time is the same as outside?and so,You mean to say……If i stay here too long,Will starve to death?”Yan Ruyu reacted。
“More precisely,You should die of thirst first。”Old smile。

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