“Master,I don’t want to worry about your love life。”

“but,This really affects me,do you know?”
“You in my mind,Just a perfect man,Work hard,High efficiency,Speak out,Go home after work,Don’t go to those messy places at all。”
“but,You would cheat!”Shimeng patted the table with both hands,Said silently,“This makes me no longer believe that there are good men in the world。”
She said,Sighed leisurely。
If she is like a gun,Shocked me a little。
The scene when Wang Yi asked me for a kiss yesterday,I was bumped by her!
“Didn’t you tell your wife about yesterday??”I asked worriedly。
Shi Meng Yi Clap,Asked helplessly,“I don’t know which is my wife?”
Coughed,Cleared his throat,I explained,“The one you saw at noon yesterday,Is my university classmate。”
I raised my eyes and gave her a guilty look,Keep saying,“She chased me,You recall the scene,Did she hold my head and kiss?”
Shimeng sneered,“Master,You still don’t explain。”
“If you don’t want to kiss her,Could she be able to force you?”
She said nothing wrong。
but,I can’t tell Wang Yi to bribe her by kissing.,Can you believe that Shimeng?
“Forget it,I won’t explain to you。”I picked up the chopsticks,“My family is really troublesome lately,but,Wang Yi and I were an exception yesterday。”
I took a bite of the dish and put it in my mouth。
“Except my wife,I haven’t touched anyone。”
“If because of my problem,Make you doubt the outlook on life,Doubts about values,I apologize to you。”

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