“Correct,Is longevity!You just said,Whether it is Confucianism or Warlock,They can’t live forever,Since no,Ask for,Asking for it will help,Whatever you want‘Longevity’By,Will help me revive Taoism!”Yan Ruyu looked straight at the old way,Replied word by word。
“Want something,Will help?”A trace of surprise flashed in the eyes of the old man,immediately,I yelled angrily in my heart:“Why didn’t I think of this back then?!”
“Give me Dao Gongshan Gate!I can revive the silent Taoist school!!!!”Yan Ruyu’s words are very straightforward,but,The will inside is to die。
No one can question his words。
because,The will within,No doubt!
“Three hundred years,Countless people have said this to me,Do you think you alone thought of this answer??you are too naive,You say you know what i want?Then tell me,What i want to do?”Old Tao’s body trembled,He was not shocked by Yan Ruyu’s words,But was shocked by Yan Ruyu’s strong willpower。
He seems to know why Yan Ruyu wants to enter a dream,He subconsciously picked up the teapot again,But soon put it down again。
because,His hands are shaking constantly。
“You have to find the answer。”Yan Ruyu said calmly。
“answer?what is the answer,Didn’t you just talk about it?You said I knew the answer three hundred years ago,Now you say I want to find the answer?Isn’t it contradictory?”The old man raised his head fiercely,Questioning Yan Ruyu。
“Yes,You know the answer,But did not confirm the answer,This is the real reason for your obsession,Your obsession is not the answer itself,But you want to see this answer with your own eyes。”Yan Ruyu affirmed。
One obsession wants to stay for three hundred years,There must be a wish not fulfilled,otherwise,This obsession cannot be formed。
but,According to Yan Ruyu, he saw the end of the old Dao before his death‘Thoughts’the result of,Old Tao already knew the answer three hundred years ago。
That’s it,What is this obsession?
Yan Ruyu thinks hard for a long time,Finally realized,The old ways of knowing the answer have not disappeared,The only explanation is,He wants to confirm,Use countless years to prove。
Simply put,Lao Dao made a vow,This vow is that he will spend thousands of years,Ten thousand years to take a look at the answer he wants。
Therefore,His obsession can survive for thousands of years!

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