At the bottom of society,The more bruised and bruised by life,The more bullied。

After getting to know him,I love him more and more。
His live,Often after two in the morning,Waiting for father and brother to fall asleep,I have time to broadcast live。
Sometimes he will be online at four or five in the morning,Because I have to get up early to cook for my family。
From the beginning nobody watched,Was scolded later,Later, after it became popular all over the Internet,Someone squatted on his live broadcast to give him a reward。
however,After becoming an influencer,His life hasn’t changed for the better,Someone even saw him picking up waste on the side of the road not long ago,Go to the street stall to buy vegetables。
He once said:“We have money,Must do good。We have no money,Must be good。”
He is like a real clown crushed by life,But he is not crazy,Not a fool。
He is just among all the beings,BeXThe company forced a desperate ant,Even at the bottom,Also work hard to be an ordinary person,It is exactly what Mencius said:“Poor is alone。”
Oliya listened to Yang Pingfan’s narration,The voice is choked,She turned sideways,Staring at Yang Pingfan’s eyes:“I know,I understand what you mean,Actually I am almost like him,I can’t help it,Father is the local chief,Strictly follow the doctrine,Don’t treat women as human,Mom is just one of his many wives,Poor health,More discriminated against,I secretly read,I was found by my father and beaten up,The mother threatened suicide,Just sent me out,XCompany is coming,It produces clean energy,The whole world doesn’t like to use oil anymore,Dad has no income,Forcing mom to be a rental wife……”
Speaking of which,There was something shiny in Olia’s eyes,Yang Pingfan was silent for a while,Took out the tissue and handed it to her。
“Thank you。”
Oria took the tissue and wiped her tears,Keep saying:“Mothers in the world are great,Xthe company……”
The paper towel fell to the ground,Oria leaned over to pick it up,The action is a bit difficult,It seems that the lumbar muscle is strained,It looks a lot like Yang Pingfan’s mother’s actions when sweeping the street,I saw her pick up the tissue,Looking at Yang Pingfan,Tenderness in the eyes,Unspeakable euphemism,When the two meet,Olia suddenly raised both hands,The dexterous and slender fingers spread out like a fan,Like a peacock。
Yang Pingfan smelled a strong smell similar to a woman’s body fragrance.,Want to pursue,But no trace to follow,Eyes blurred,Movement becomes sluggish。
“ordinary,Where have you been?”Erratic sound,As if coming from the sky,With a sense of vicissitudes,Like a middle-aged woman。
Yang Pingfan was excited when he heard this,“mom,I’m fine,I’m investigating something here in the Parthenon。”

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