How can I explain it clearly to her?

Did it really derail Wu Lan?,Tell Zhou Rui??
No way,Absolutely not!
“After the break,I walked home。”I said。
Zhou Rui sat down at the dining table,“Edit,I give you time。”
“I did not make up。”I defended。
I really have no experience of deceiving others,I really don’t know how to escape this disaster。
I am bitter,One hand on the table,Clenched fist tightly。
“Forget it,Eat if you can’t make up。”Zhou Rui said,Took a little Wan,Gave me a bowl of fish soup。
“I really didn’t make up。”I frowned,“How can you not believe me?”
Zhou Rui put down the fish soup bowl that she just served,“I believe you。”
Heard this,I was taken aback。
She actually said trust me?
What does she believe in me?
I didn’t explain it clearly to her?
“You believe me?”I looked at her in surprise。
“Of course。”Zhou Rui picked up the chopsticks,Caught myself a piece of fish,Chewed in my mouth,“tasty,Husband, your craftsmanship has risen,Try it yourself。”
I’m not in the mood to try some fish!
The calmer she is,Make me panic。

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