Li Yong with a leopard head and eyes nodded,Speak directly:“Give me something。”

Dare not neglect,Lei Tianzi sacrificed the formation that trapped the three Mao family brothers,Hands to Li Yong,I don’t know what this strong man will do with the Mao family three brothers,Will kill or use this formation to conquer the water Martian and Pinnacle planets,It may also force the three Mao family brothers to join forces against Heng Zhuoliang,So as to unify the long-horn star field。
What Lei Tianzi could not think of was,Li Yong talked with the three Mao brothers for a while,Suddenly wept bitterly,Seems very sad,Seeing Lei Tianzi up and down,Don’t know what will happen next,Generally speaking, there is no threat to myself,It’s no good,After all, this formation is extremely valuable to Li Yong,It’s not very useful in Lei Tianzi’s hands。
Peek at Chu Tianya,The general of Li Yong’s subordinate is also confused and staring,It seems that Chu Tianya doesn’t know much about it。
After a while,Li Yong gradually stopped his grief,Said to Chu Tianya:“You go back first,Don’t leak the news。”
“Yes,Lord Palace。”Chu Tianya bowed back,Back to Feitian City with Lei Tianzi。
Arrived in their own territory,Chu Tianya feels relaxed,An exception gave Lei Tianzi an empty space,Said:“This is a set of low-level artifact equipment,You keep it for use!”
“grown ups,The subordinate changed the armor of the sergeant under his command,I haven’t asked the adults yet。”Emperor Lei didn’t dare to immediately take over the Xuna Space。
“Little things,Do whatever you want!”Chu Tianya doesn’t care at all,in other words,The little C-type Corps in Lei Tianzi’s hands is not even a big ant,No military threat。
Tianzi Lei is relieved now,Calmly returned to the station,Then deal with the relationship with the wives,Hand over the obtained materials to Sinan Sui for processing,Hand over the refining materials to Hongna,I elaborated on the experience of going to Cyan Light Domain,But concealed things about the Mao family’s three brothers,Because he still didn’t understand the inside story,Tianzi Lei vaguely guessed that this matter is not as simple as it seems on the surface。
Three days later,Li Yong suddenly came to the barracks,Lei Tianzi hurriedly invited him to Li Wu Space,Bring out Lingguo and Tianzi Langjiu to entertain。
Li Yong drank three glasses of wine and claimed it was good,Only then said:“You saved the three Mao family brothers,This is a great contribution,The three Mao family brothers and I are in the same discipline,I didn’t agree because I didn’t know that they were occupied by the fish monster.,I thought it was the three Mao brothers who changed their hearts,Now the three brothers have regained their own bodies,We plan to give you the pinnacle planet,how is it?”
Emperor Lei never expected that there was such a secret in it,Said quickly:“Lord Palace,I only have a solid foundation period,How can we hold a planet?”
“Humph,This is a thank you gift from the three Mao family brothers,I won’t covet your place,Heng Zhuoliang is in the same relationship with us,He won’t bully you,Since then,No one dares to crush you in the Longhorn star field。”
“Great。”Lei Tianzi is overjoyed,I was very surprised,I don’t know what school Li Yong and the others belong to,There are so many strong people,Isn’t their master a more violent person??I don’t dare to ask more if I am suspicious。
Lei Tianzi took out a virtual space and handed it to Li Yong,Said:“This is a gift from the villain to honor the lord of the palace。”
Li Yong smiled next,Turned around and gave Lei Tianzi a gift,The value is more than ten times that of the gift given by Lei Tianzi。

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