Spring smile,This thing is finally solved.,Don’t spend such a big hard work。

“All right,Three generations of our cooperation end,I hope that we will not be enemies in the future.”Spring, I said to three generations。
Three generations hidden,Represents his huge ambition。
It can also be seen from the position of the fires of the teacher again.,But he can’t actively expose,This means that he is completely broken with the leaves.。
And even if he exposed,And up to the program, the teacher and the people can’t look at him.,Not much change。
He actually controls the leaves。
“Does the enemy??Hope will not”The three generations of light flashed a few times。
“let’s go”Three generations。
This time they basically have no chance,The battle is completely controlled by Spring.。
Facing the power of the leader,They can’t resist it.。
And at the same time,They also saw two tissue terrorist power,Maybe this is the era of Spring.。
“I have a chance,I can get stronger strength”Three generations of mind。
The ahead looks at the springs.,Not talking。
She knows how to say it.,Spring will not return to the wooden leaves。
He is already a leader,And the hand is all kinds of strong characters,Maybe he doesn’t even put it in your eyes.。
Cardi did not speak,This action brought him too much surprise.。
Several people leave quickly。
“All right,Let’s go back.,But the trophy is still going to recover”Quan Yi saw the three generations and others left and said。
Then they have a shock at your feet.,A thick trunk suddenly broke,Then turn into roots。
The package is exactly,I didn’t even,Shennong, which is controlled by illusion。
White and I love Luo。
“this is?That is a Shennong”Sasuo。
“What do you do?”Sasuke asked directly。
This person has to strength,There is no effect,He doesn’t understand why Spring is doing this.,Is it also let him join the Sky Parliament??
“Do you know why our organization is called a Sky Parliament?”Spring smiles。
“Why”Sasuke said。
“Because you know later”Spring is a bad joke。
“Your guy。。。。”
Spring with a few people returned to the secret base with flying thunders。
“Spring,Is this action a smooth?”I looked at the sudden spring.。
“pocket!How are you here?”Sasuke’s heart。
If you are here, you are here.,He thought that he was a secret base of Big Snake Pill.。

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