When he enlighted six characters, he also entered the soul attack technique in the big thunder knife.,But there is no resolution,Lin Feng Si is not enlightened,Directly select the six-character true words。

“This also has the talents of blood.,The blood in the blood contained some inheritance sentiment,Enconscious everything very fast,Especially when you die,Directly。”Huangquan’s Lord No God explains:“Although the soul of the cold, the soul attack is a hierarchy than the soul of the soul,But her speed is a level,And her Tianzhu gun attack is also a grade.,More powerful!”
“I really want to go.!”Lin Feng Road:“Kawako Sakura!”Just now Sichuan Luo Yak is coming out,He recognized this woman’s identity.。
I don’t know why,Lin Feng suddenly felt that Sichuan Luo Sakuo gave him a familiar feeling.。
“Don’t impulsive,How long does it take for a long time, Sichuan Island will escape.。”Huangquan’s Lord has no brandle。
“Can you leave??”Lin Feng heard the sound。
“Difficult,She has the umbrella of Nether。”Huangquan’s Lord No God explains:“Maybe because of this reason, she can break into it.,And I have done it.,Cannot pass,When she came out, we were probably difficult to intercept.。”
“Nether umbrella,Midnight Merry Bell Will,Nether umbrella,I have given it to her.!”Lin Feng wrinkled,This umbrella is indeed a special godman。
“Do not,Do not,Midnight Merry Bell, I am afraid I don’t know this matter.。”Huangquan’s Lord No God Delicious:“I doubt that she gets a big adventure.,So before the winner two people,And more than two people,She should have three people。”
“Adventure?powerful!”Lin Feng heard the words,Three pieces of soldiers,This adventure is too strong.。
“So your adventure is not big.。”Huangquan’s Lord:“I don’t know how many people in ago.,How much of the soldiers have been created,Many people are in history,Leave these treasures。”
“indeed so。”Lin Feng heard the words。
Just when Lin Feng sounded,The sound of the dramatic explosion is transmitted over the island of the inheritance.,A stone column suffered severe impact,Crack,A sphumbled blood is coming out in the empty。
Night Qing Handherapy,A shower is swept away,Sweep in this empty,This shot contains horrible power,Even she stopped the soul attack,All power injection into this rod。
This rod is light color,Shine ten parties。
Brilliant,A black white blue three kinds of rays have been in the gun tip,A spiral formed,Directly stabbed in the empty,This gun is horrible,Any of the strong people must avoid their front,Otherwise it is killed by a shot。
This shot is in the empty,But I sent a hook。
In the empty, it is a blood spit out.。
The blanket sounds sound,Night cold figure is getting faster,The strength of the sky is more and more horrible.,Vibrate power outbreak,A shot of a shot。
“Blew!”Sound sound,This is not the dancing butterfly mask woman’s active falling soul bell,But the sound that is smashed by the heavenly gun。
A delicate sound。
The horrible bells are once again active,The void has been broken,A shadow is like a void,Several flashes have fallen into the sea of Huangquan.。
Dramatic explosion sound。
Three guns are marked,The embarrassment is in the sea of Huangquan.,Set off the waves of the sky,The vocal sound of a woman。
Extra bloody blood。
Night cold figure falling on the sea of Huangquan Sea,Beautiful scorpion with a cold, sweeping around,But I still have no movement.。
“Peace of mind,She does not take the initiative,You can’t lock it.。”Just then Huangquan’s Lord’s voice came.。

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