Before avoiding her,Is it not thinking about how to face her?。

In fact, he thinks too much.,If it is the same as before,Hide that love in the heart,Between him and the blue,Restored。
They can still be like previously,Chat with no heart,Can be played with no heart。
Blue Xindao:“Can,I just didn’t eat.,Go to Fashion Square,I went there to wait for you.,You have to come from the company.。”
Le Zhenxi heard this,Happy laugh,“it is good!I came over.。”
Blue Xin hangs after the phone,He received a phone call。
Lu Hao Cheng:“Hey!Wife,Where are you?”
Blue Xin:“I am going to see Xi Xi.,May go home later。”
Blue Xin really。
Lu Hao Cheng is full of jealousy:“Where are you?
I will go with you。”
Blue Xin listen,Since the end of Lu Hao,She found that Lu Haocheng is not normal.,More than a dozen calls per day,Just like it is full of trouble.。
“Lu Hao Cheng,You are crazy,I went to see friends.,What do you follow??
and,Xi Xi and I am familiar with me,What else do you feel relieved??”
Lu Hao Cheng:“My least worry-free person is him.,Where are you now?”
Blue Xin listen this,Be asked:“Then where are you now??
Listen to your voice in your phone,You are not at home。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“Wife,I am dining in Mu Zihuang.?
Just eat well,And Mu Zizi once,The idleness of the downsus will call you a call.。”
Blue Xin:“?”
“Is it a little bit??
Can you sneak a video to you?,She has been very worried about Mu Mu these days.。”
Lu Haocheng laughed:“Wife,You explain my things,I will do it.,but,Do you really want to meet Le Zhenxi??”
Blue Xin:“I met with Xi Xi,Is there a problem?
Xi Xi is my friend。”
Blue Xin’s warning,Lu Hao Cheng is careful,She is known。
Lu Hao Cheng:“No problem,I ended here.,Just come and find you,Let’s go home together。”
Blue Xin:“At the time we are in touch。”
Lu Haocheng should have a sound:“it is good!”
Blue Xin hangs after the phone,Helpless shook his head,Since this husband,She is very annoying every day,Lu Hao Cheng relies on her,Due to death at night,You 侬 侬,During the day。
Especially when they are two people,The man in front of the outside,I am able to affectionate,Lyrical words, one sentence。
what“Wife,I am willing to guard my life.,Winter made your quilty,Do your electric fan in summer。
You are the skin, I am meat.,You are a coffee,I am a bean,Love you is not enough。”
In this case,His mouth can say it,Let her feel very admire。
In her eyes,The sweetness is only afraid that it can be used as a rose.。
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Lu Hao Cheng came out of the bathroom,Not happy at all。
Ou Jing walked over,Looking at his look,Slightly:“what happened?
Who is provoking you?”
Lu Haocheng looked at the room,Muzi who sits on a wheelchair,“In addition to my wife,Who else?”

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