In the face of Qi Wu Xuanzong’s fire,Sheng Tianzi bites the silver teeth,But the end is still a pill.。

“Your self-defense team must successfully repel or kill the bud,I will hand over half of the management right.。”
Holy Heat has no way,She is really loved“Tokyo District”,but“Tokyo District”Self-defense team,Previously“Scorpio”Disappear,Fundamental is unable to pay the next“Ingoji army”。
But she also stayed.,That is, Qi Wu Xuanzong must successfully retreat.,The Tiansi will complete the promise。
“no problem,Apless cooperation,I will go to the Jasper District now.。”
Seeing the John’s bite,Qi Wu Xuanzong smiled and left.。
The Shengtian also returned to the Holy House.,At the same time, a lot of media is also invited.,This thing can’t hit this matter.,So you can only try to stabilize people.。
Night is back with Naina.“Curse”Rear,Little Loli is not a letter,There is still such a place in the world.。
Under the threatening of the night,And showed the elimination“Scorpio”After the record,Danna finally stayed at peace of mind。
At this time, TV,Also broadcast“Giant stone monument”Corrosion,The sacred hen is not going to apologize.,And appeal“Tokyo District”Ability to make a coalition army,Combing the original army。
On TV,The Holy Heat is still in the residents.,This connection“大 坂 区”Self-defense team,Have assistance,They must have a common practice together.
But it is obvious that the Son of Holy Tians has been working hard.,But the residents don’t think so.,First“Scorpio”,Then it is“Bidding”,It’s almost endless.。
Some residents have begun to question,Holy Heat“Manager”Ability。
Chapter 99 Everyone’s self-dangerous Tokyo District
Because“Giant stone monument”Corrosion phenomenon,Now“Tokyo District”Presenting is a panic state。
Some people simply,Some people seek a doorway everywhere,Want to leave“Tokyo District”,Even people will involve anger“Curse”On,Start shouting and shouting。
More radical,Even organized a team,Want to eliminate“Tokyo District”Nearby“Township”。
And in the latest announcement of the Sheng Tianzi,“Tokyo District”Only about 30% of the population can complete the transfer。
But this 30% of the population,It is determined by drawing.,and“Curse”Also have a lottery。
And in knowing the result“Tokyo District”resident,Then I can’t accept it.。
The name of the departure is limited.,Actually, you have to deliver those monsters.?
Most people can’t accept this fact,What’s even more begun to take action。
Plan to eliminate those“Curse”,The purpose is to make your own quota。
Night is holding the village,Body is covered with blood。
If you look carefully,Will find,These blood is not the rectimane,But a red。
Recently,Night, I don’t know how to kill a few waves.,Let’s find a dead guy.。
He is never a good generation,For guys who do not die early,Night, don’t have a soft hand。
And although the night is like a big killing,But there is no scaring for all crazy people。
In their view,once“Original organism”Enter Tokyo District,Their end,More than half will be touched。
Waiting with its passive,It is better to think about the success rate of your lottery.。
Be right,These ignorant people,I don’t want to fight against the upcoming“Original organism”,Just bully,Bullying a bunch of young loli,In order to increase the opportunity to live。
finally,I am more annoying, I can only release the message.,them“Curse”Will not participate in the lottery,This kind of situation is a lot.。
But,Night is originally“Tokyo District”Do not have a good attitude,Instant drop freezing point。
“You really don’t join the coalition,Help to fight against the rigor army?”
Lian Tairo as a Virginian protagonist,Naturally joined“civiljg”Coalition。
And because of itsipRank a thousand strengths,Also mixed a small captain。

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