Wang Youcai sneered:“Big tail wolf”

“Hey!Who are you scolding?so rude,I can’t mix myself,I don’t want others to mess with it,Typical hatred of the rich”Wang pointed at Wang Youcai with chopsticks,A provocative look。
Wang Degui’s eyes stared,Roar:“Shut up,Eating a meal does not make you peaceful,What to do,Don’t stay at home and make me angry”
Wang Youcai stood up,Took out five hundred dollars from his pocket and put it on the table,Speak loudly:“mom!You and Dad want to buy the money,Say hello when you run out”
Wang Youcai finished,Turn around and leave,When I left the house, I said again:“Eat for nothing,Not afraid of shame”
Watching Wang Youcai go out the door,Wang You shook his head helplessly and said:“dad!You see how Youcai treats me,It’s an enemy,I’m brother,Don’t remember him。It’s money even for such a small amount!In two days I will give you a card,Put tens of thousands in it,Whatever you want”
Chen Yueqin put away the five hundred dollars on the table,Said coldly:“Light thunder does not rain,Anyway, bragging is not taxed”
Wang You pretended not to hear what Chen Yueqin said,But lowered his voice and asked Wang Degui:“dad!There is a woman from the south in our village,Who’s daughter-in-law?Why did i forget”
“Why?What are you asking her for?She is Song Fang, who worked as a women director in the village with her father a few years ago。It’s the wife Wang Junli brought back from the south,Now remarried Chen Erniu”Wang Degui said disdainfully。
Wang Yiting,A little surprised:“Such a beautiful woman married Chen Erniu,Pity”
“how?It’s a shame to marry you,I can tell you,You have to stay away from this woman,She’s just a vixen,Don’t look at her good looks,A belly of flower intestines,Whoever touches her is unlucky”Wang Degui said,Knocked on the table,It seems to be warning Wang You not to have anything to do with Song Fang。
Finished eating,Wang You tidy up,Went out,He always remembered Song Fang as a woman,If she could get her to her own factory,That’s great。Nothing to touch,I want to touch,Wang You thought this way,Walked towards the entrance of the village。
Coincidentally,Song Fang just happened to be unwell these past two days,Take time off today。She slept late,Get up this time,Nothing to do,Dressed up,Go to Pingyang Town for a tour。
She just came out of the alley,I ran into Wang You, who was thinking about things。She laughed and said:“Yo!Boss Wang!What are you thinking?Carefully fell into the ditch”
“Thinking of you!Really miss you,I didn’t expect it to happen,This is called a thousand miles to meet,Never met”Wang You was laughing,Two lustful eyes swept over Song Fang。

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