After two people left,Wu Teng Zhixiong said softly:“Long pool,After you set up an independent intelligence agency, I still ask you for the first time.,Are you still busy now??”

“not very busy。”
“If you are not busy, you help me investigate this Xiao Tu.。”
“Is he not your friend??”
“What can I use for me?!”Say,Wu Teng Zhixiong took a photo to Longchi Jun:“This is the people who haven’t come to visit after Xiao Tu return to China.,He is a professor of Jiren University,According to the investigation of our intelligence personnel,This person secrets in school propaganda anti-Japanese theory,Multiple organizations,We have determined his identity is the underground party。”
“Then why not catch up?”
“Try Xiao Tun with this Fangzhou!Then you take the Fang Hanzhou and his students to take the trial!He should have a lot of secrets we want to know.。”
“Long pool,Don’t let the pure son know too much,Let her see the peace and prosperity of Shanghai.。”
“Wu Zuo Consulate,Can I go home with a pure child??”
“sure,I know that Zhuneng Yunzi also lives in your home.,There is a good care of Qingshan Ya Mei.。”
“Then I took them away.。”
“Long pool,I hope to dig out more about the party in this line.!”
Zhuang Xiaoman and Xiao Jun in the hidden guardian appeared early.,Now Wuvo’s purezo and Xiao Tu appear at the same time,Next, go to Fang Hanzhou home.,Then how can I change this story??This is too sudden,Now Fang Hanzhou family is probably being controlled.。
Rui Rui first sent Wu Zi’s purezer to home,Pondering:“Yamei,This is the daughter of Wu Zi, Wu Zi, a daughter,Do you help me take care of her?,She lives at home these days.。”
“Yamei sister, you are beautiful.!”Wu Zi’s cheap,
“The foundation is very good.!Come in。”Fu Yingxue already knows this curly harmful from the micro-face,
“Yamei,I still have something,I will come back later.。”
Rui Rui returned to the long spring hall called Song Jian several people driving to follow their own,Ask in the car:“Xiao Sang,Do you know where is this??”
“I have no idea!”
“Soon you will know。”
Come to Masan Road,Qi Rui saw Hu Yizhen with a team of Japanese troops to guard against the whole hall,At this time, Xiao Tu should guess what will happen.,His face is very ugly。
“Mix!This is the long pool of the long pool of the pool.!Go away!”Song Jian said, Hu Yizhen who will blocked the front to go to the side.。
Rui Rui took Xiao Tun into Fang Hanzhou home,At this time, Fang Hanzhou and Funitin have three male students have been controlled by the Japanese army.。
Xiao Tu appeared at this time, Shanmin and three students were very unexpected.,Fang Hanzhou’s face also downs。
“Xiao Sang!I heard that the first visit after you returned to China, this is a professor of Fang Hanzhu.?”Qi Rui,
“I am a professor……”
Xiao Tao said the words like it.,Rui Rui has to use Wu Tevo Zhixiong,Said that Fang Hanzhou is the identity of the underground party,Then take out the gun and threaten him.:“Professor!Either immediately explain your top and lower level?,Either I take you with you now.!”
“If you have this, you will shoot.!”Fang Hanzhou is now a heart to death.,Because he doesn’t know if he can get torture。
Huan Rui handed over the southern pistol to Xiao Tu:“Xiao Sang!give it to you。”
The next scene is that Fang Hanzhou is to protect the trigger suicide in order to protect Xiao Tun.,But unexpectedly, the gun did not ring,Fang Hanzhou!Xiao Tu is also staying。
That is ruthless, haha, smile:“how!Professor,You want to commit suicide?Do you still want to use death to cover Xiao Tun??It seems that if you only have to go back, you can tell me.!”
Rui Rui waved Song Jian,Iran,Into-machi and other people take all the people in the room,Zhiru。
Hu Yizhen has already called,I learned that the Huiji Pool of the Jiuli Mansion,Rapida Yeard:“Long pool,Do you want us to escort people??”
“Need not!”
“Long pool!Can you talk about a step?,Have a very important thing to tell you。”
Rui Rui followed him next to it.,Hu Yizhen whispered:“Long pool,Zhao Zhongyi is my lineman,Please also leave your hand.,The meaning of Wu Zoo is to put four students.,It is so good that this line will continue to play。”
“I see!”Hu Yishen does not say Qi Rui and know,

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