Summer,Come to the eye,Hook a meal,“Old willow,I feel that you are not right for a few days.。You are pregnant?”

“You talented。”Liu Qingqing,Suddenly shame,But but also spread her emotions.。
Think here,She lightly bites the little lips,Walk from the back of the desk to the summer opposite。
Then,In summer sluggish expression,Give him a gently hug。
“Bon Voyage,Go early early。”
Summer struggled to shrug the nose,Women’s unique body incense,He is stupid,“Is it really pregnant??But I didn’t sleep over you.……”
Xinjie Township,Located in the northern mountain,There are twelve natural villages,Compared to bustling urban,There are many povertys there.。
Arrived from a dwarf mountain outside,No matter。
No railway station in Xinjie Township,There is no long-distance bus,If you want to go there,Need to arrive first from the city of Quan City, 30 kilometers from Xinjie Township,Then take the small bar on the rugged sand road for two hours.。
nine in the morning,Sit on a train to Spring City in summer。
certainly,In order to prevent problems,He has arranged Thunder,Let him protect Liu Qingqing in secret。
Train rumbling,The scenery of the window is flying back,Even a straight line。
Summer is sitting on the window hard seat。
It’s not what he has.,Do not sit down。
But the summer like this people in summer.,Whenever this time,His mood will always relax。
He will feel that he has not been derailed with reality.,Still is a general member of all beings,One drop in the sea in the sea,Not an island in the sea。
Today is August,It is the good season of traveling,But there are not many people going to the spring direction.,Do not crowding in the car。
Looking at the scenery outside the window,Summer pupils slightly scattered,Oscillating。
He thought of young life,Think of school,Think of the entrance,Think of many……But finally,They are replaced by a picture。
That is a old man wearing gray robes.,Being white,There is a taste of a fairy style bone,A pair of eyes are kindly looking at yourself。
“Xiao Tian,Tell the master,What is your wish?。”
In the picture,A little boy with only five or six years old,Still with a thumbs up with your mouth,The eye drops of the United States,Looks smart。
“Say soon.,What is your wish??”The old man is eye-catching,Reciprocate。
Little boy is not reluctant to take out,Nen tendon sound,“My wish is not to practice every day.,Don’t practice in every day,I want to ride a wooden dragon every day.,I need to……”
The little boy said a lot of many wishes.,And the old man’s face is getting more and more black。
Until final,Little boy said,“I……I have to filial piety,Protect my mother,Don’t let others bully……”
Just finished,The old man suddenly laughed,Fully lift the little boy in your shoulder,“Filial filial master should be,But remember,Small snow is not your mother,Your sister,Remember……”
The picture of memory is stopped,Instantly in summer mind。
For a long time,The memory fragments of the painting talents are deepened.,And the summer face has a touch of silly smile。
Such a smile,Already rarely appearing on his face.。
“Look again,I put your eyes.!”
Just when the summer is still immersed in memories.,A cold voice interrupted him。

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