Original blue dye is still thinking,What measures should be used to weaken the power of the Zigu,I didn’t expect the other party to send the door.。

Because of the intervention of the night,Things have changed a change,Original blue dye is ready to bring that well to the virtual ring,Then communion of Takasaki protects them on the hook。
Kurosaki,Demon Lucia will naturally follow,On the well, weaving the gerbera with the dead wood, as a night with white.,It is impossible to encounter danger.。
Way to think about the team leader,It is likely to dispatch captain to the virtual ring investigation,And you only need to block the exit,These captains can only be trapped in a virtual ring.。
Have to say that blue dyeing is quite understanding to the head leader,And he is indeed a plan to act as this.。
Even Ulciola now estimates that they have already arrived.,But the plan can’t change the change,The well on the well is not yet returned,I haven’t been trained to Takasaki.,The captain has been step by step to the virtual ring.。
“Since the guests are in the door,So it is vain,It is indeed the way of the right hospitality。”
“Nobelra·Gilga、Sagari·Lu Lu、Sal Apollo·Grandz、Several people go to entertain guests。”
Blue dyeing three names,I have come out of three sides of the two sides of the hall.。
A black long hair,Aid,Crazy man expression,A dark skin man,The last one is a powder hair,Looks like a big mother。
These three are also available“Ten blade”Broken face,The ranking is the fifth blade、Seventh blade and the eighth blade。
The goal of the fifth Blade of Nijla is more wood sword,The seventh blade Sagari’s opponent is the dead wood white,The eighth blade Sal Apollo is looking for the same as the scientist.。
Three people do one knee in front of blue dyeing,Accept command to hunt to bring the death of the dead。
Looking at the three ten blade that is led to leave the virtual night palace,Blue dyeing looks at the last screen,The expression is somewhat hard.。
Nirvana as an alternative to Pudaohua District,Apollo deals him easily。
The other two captains are also almost,At least it is to beaten in blue dressing.。
But the final team,Blue dye is really hard,Who should I send it better?。
花 花 烈 花 花 哉,Both is very troublesome,Ability to stay in the virtual ring,Already an accident。
Both people in the cognition of blue dye,Both belong to the super-specific power of only this header,Other ten blames who have passed,It seems to be to send vegetables。
Looking at the remaining parts around a circle,Blue dyeing ultimately stays on the city’s silver body。
The latter suddenly was scared to open his eyes.,It seems to guess the general,Directly refused:“Blue Dye people will not let me go with these two people.,Like my second-class captain,Hand with their monsters,Will be instant spike……
And when I was now in the world, I have turned three at night.,Not an opponent at all。”
The city’s slogan is very clear,That is, I follow you to open the destruction.,I want to eat a spicy,Not to be sent to death。
And also remind the blue dye,The last battle,He isast,There is still hard work without means。
Chapter 599 City Pills I said before saying that he lived two episodes.
I heard the city of silver,Blue dye is also silent。indeed,Mid last time,Before you go to you,Municipal Pills did have a lot of power。
And as the only captain following yourself,As long as the city’s silver accept“Collapse”Transformation,It can also become a good battle force。
Previous battle,Blue staining has indeed learned the strength of the night,School of the city,Nothing is to send dead,What’s more, there is a flower of。
Speaking of the battle before,Blue staining suddenly remembered,It seems that someone has been selling from one.。
His boss is shot.,As a little bit of the younger brother,Do you think it is more than yourself??
“Baygang,So the rest of these dead gods,I will give you to deal with it.。
As the king of the former virtual ring,Several death gods in this area,It should be no problem.。”
Hide in the shadow,Looking at the blue dye on the throne,The brigade is very unhappy.,That position should be belonging to him.。
When the blue dye is not a virtual ring,He has always been the king of the virtual ring,The presence of high high in the virtual ring。
But after blue dyeing,Everything has changed,Although it is broken,His strength is indeed strong。

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