Blue Xin is sitting around him ,Focusing on his eyes,“You won’t be specially to let the Jincheng tasted it after taking me.,This is the characteristics of the family,I used to like it.,Unfortunately, I have never been to.。”

Lu Haozheng,The action is elegant to pour her a cup of tea.,“Have such a thing,Many entertainment is right to go,I will let him change the place to eat.,Take you with delicious.。”
Blue Xin is very touched,This man,In order to make her happy,It’s also very good at eating.。
“Blue,See,What do you want to eat?”
Lu Haozheng put the menu in front of her。
Blue Xin laughs,Open heart,In her opinion,Love doesn’t need to vigorously,This kind of companion is the best love。
Blue Xinzhi five dishes and one soup,Pineapple purple rice,She is very good at seeing it.,I heard that it is very delicious.,Sweet and soft。
But she also has a slight allergy to pineapple.,Want to eat,I can only give up。
She chose bamboo rice rice,Tomato mum,Lemon grilled fish,Sour,Pebble fresh fish soup,Osmese,Beef beef。
When I came up.,Blue Xin can’t wait to eat hot hair swearing first,Too spicy,I’m out of my tears at once.,Water Wang Wang Lianzheng,Still don’t stop nodny。
Lu Hao’s heart gave her a megcited,This time she is always injured.,Didn’t eat what is too hot, too sour,I only thought that she took her here today. 。
This little girl,Soant,She would rather flow tears to continue to eat。
Lu Haocheng can only be by her,Give her a Ruda,Let her alleviate spicy flavor。
A meal,Blue Xin is very full,“Ah Cheng,I go out for a while,I will be back soon。
That bamboo rice, you will pack it back.,It’s delicious to eat beef.,Remember to pack a copy to eat tomorrow。”
Blue Xin thought about it,“Oh,This chicken claw,Pack two copies,I will send a copy to a,She also likes it very much.。”
I can’t forget anyone else.。
Fifi and An Ke feed breast milk,I can only eat it later.。
“it is good,knew,You go back.。”
Lu Haozheng watched her smile laughing,Enclosing the waiter to put her more packaged。
Blue Xin goes to the toilet,There are still some little spicy in your mouth.,But I am very addicted tonight.,I haven’t eaten a taste for a long time.,She feels that she wants to get angry.,I still remember the medicine to go home to eat.。
Restaurant hall,Fish in the artificial pool at the rockery,There is also a fake banana tree,Blue Xin stopped to watch a meeting,Take it to the private room。
Be turned,She is awkward,The smile on the face gradually converges。
“Blue Xin Miss,I haven’t heard you here.。”
Song Niu smiled and looked at Blue Xin。
It seems in Lanxin,She seems to be waiting here.。
“It’s really clever。”
She is indifferent to a sentence,Intend to leave,Song Ni, but stepped by step to block her to go。
Blue Xin’s eyebrows look at her,The eyebrows are not very obvious.。
Song Ni face,If you don’t have something wrong, you will look at Blue Xin.,“Blue Xin Miss,Let’s talk,You don’t want to talk on the phone.,I don’t return my WeChat.,Then I will meet and talk well.。”
“I have nothing to talk to you.。”
Blue Xin still refuses her。
She doesn’t like her character.,While loading a gentle woman,Behind it is considered others。
But how can Song Ni appear here??
Song Ni smile:“You don’t listen to what I said.,How can I not know the topic with me??
Xi Xi is here,You don’t want to see him。”
“Xi Xi is here?”
Blue Xin looked around,Pick up your phone to call Le Zhen’s phone number。
“Yes,He talks about business here,Miss Lan Xin still not bother him。”
Song Ni’s words successfully stop Blue Xin to make fun of the mobile phone。

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