Be careful with Niu Huiling,Asked softly。

Wang Youdao stared and roared:“Aunt Li called last night,Want her family’s 500,000 loan”
“Here!Already prepared。Call to ask later,Is the transfer,Still ask for cash”
Which bank card Wang Youcai gave to Niu Huiling?,Shook with pride。
Wang Youdao coughed dryly,A little helplessly shook his head and said:“What do you think you did?Everyone’s phone calls are on my cell phone”
“What are you talking about?Believe you saw it too,I still don’t admit my vision。Rest assured,Whatever I invest, I can pay back in a few years。Moreover,I am the second largest shareholder of this hospital,In the future……”
Wang Youdao interrupted Niu Huiling with a violent cough。Seeing Wang Youcai,Busy helping Wang Youdao sit on the sofa,Then said loudly to Wu Wu:“You invite Dean Lu over,Just say I have something to ask him”
Wu Wu replied and left。Wang Youcai quickly poured a glass of boiling water for the second brother and served it over,Unexpectedly, Wang Youdao leaned his head on the sofa,Close your eyes and say nothing。
Niu Huiling came over,She reached out and touched Wang Youdao’s forehead,She said silently:“So hot,Turned out to have a cold,I said his face is so bad”
At this moment,Master Lu in a white coat walked in vigorously。Don’t wait for him to speak,Wang Youcai rushed to say:“This is my second brother,He came from the provincial capital,Seems to be sick,Very hot head,You quickly show him。
Doctor Lu glanced at Wang Youdao, who was half lying on the sofa,Without a word, he walked over and sat beside Wang Youdao。He took Wang Youdao’s hand and put it on his lap,Then I got a pulse。
“Have a cold!A bit powerful。Register first,Then give him a bed,Get a good treatment,Otherwise, it will be difficult to treat typhoid fever,Hang up and go to Doctor Chen,I will call her to arrange”

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